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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Are You Going To Cry at the Wedding?

I had dinner with my future daughter-in-law this evening.....Andy's in Hawaii on business and Bill had a business dinner tonight, so Kim and I went over to Scottsdale Quarter and checked out the newly-opened Eddie V's for a little bite to eat.  (It's very nice.  Way darker than the old Eddie V's, FYI).  Anyway, it was our chance to talk all about the wedding without being cut off by the boys. 

The subject turned to who might get emotional at the wedding and the events surrounding the wedding.  It's an interesting topic in that most Moms are going through some obnoxious phase of menopause when their children are getting married, so yes, pretty much all of us are going to have some sort of dramatic experience during our kids' weddings!   Up until tonight, I hadn't really thought about whether I will become emotional or not.  But, for the past few years when I actually attend a church service, I break out and cry every time the choir sings. Our choir happens to be incredibly good, but breaking down and sobbing is kind of ridiculous, don't you think?  People around me are probably thinking that I have recently lost a loved one.  That's not true, but truth be known, I AM probably thinking about my Dad who passed away a decade ago. 

I would understand it more if this occurred during one of the President's speeches (crying that is....except today's speech was maybe one of his best...surprised even me), but I cannot explain all that happens in a woman's body during this "special" time frame.  (Don't you get all emotional now, I still think he is a disaster just waiting to happen........................)

If I were a betting kind of person, I would put odds that I will be a blubbering idiot and cry throughout the entire wedding ceremony, but I will be fine during the reception and rehearsal dinner.  They will be tears of joy.....of happiness.  Happy to see one of my children find such joy and happiness for his life.  But, I should look into waterproof mascara!

We have two months before the big event and while we are planning out every last detail it is interesting to think about how it will all sink in and how we will react during that very moment when my oldest son gets married and officially leaves the nest forever.  These are lofty thoughts.  These are special moments to be cherished forever. 

I can almost feel the tears welling up already..........................

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