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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Leopard's Spots are Here To Stay

 Why do some trends for woman's clothing come and go before a season's over and others last for years? I think it has to do with how a woman feels when she's wearing the trend that matters.  Take for example, the leopard print.  It's been around forever and once again is one of this year's hottest, most delightful trends.  In today's Wall Street Journal....Off Duty....a whole page spread is devoted to the ongoing love of the leopard print:

The company I work for, Worth New York, has designed some of the best leopard pieces I have seen anywhere in their fall collection. This Leopard Cocoon coat is so soft and comfy, it's any girl's dream coat. Worth also gives us choices to wear a little or a lot of the leopard trend as shown here:

And, don't get me started with all the leopard shoe options out there!  So many wonderful selections to choose from.....

So, why are we so enamored with the leopard print? I think it makes the woman wearing it feel the animal itself; it makes a women feel glamorous; it makes a woman feel a bit on the wild side; in short.............the leopard print instantly gives us a big dose of ATTITUDE!

In the WSJ article, note the expression on Natalie Wood's face.  She's totally relaxed sitting as a leopard might sit in the jungle.  Notice also, her perfect shade of red lipstick.....the perfect compliment for the leopard print.  She looks powerful but wonderfully feminine at the same time.

Jackie Kennedy, shown stepping out in her leopard coat and sensible shoes, looks like she could be attending a statewide function or maybe just a day of antique furniture shopping.  She wears this coat as if it's her everyday driving coat, and I like that.  When clients suggest that they wouldn't wear this coat enough to justify the purchase, I say NONSENSE!  Wear it often...wear it with red pants, wear it over your LBD, wear it over a Lapis blue color, wear it dressy, wear it casual.......but for goodness sakes, wear it often!

However you decide to embrace the leopard trend in today's apparel, be sure to embrace all the wonderful feelings that comes with this trend.  In a nod to Helen Reddy: "You are strong (ROAR), you are invincible, you are Woman"!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Why Shopping at Trunk Shows Saves You Time and Money

As the Director of Business Development for Worth New York, I am often asked, "Why would I want to schedule an appointment to shop at a trunk show, when I can just head to a mall down the street and purchase what I need?"

"Well, that's easy!", I say. "Because you like being efficient, and you are not the type of person who enjoys throwing money around".

Buying your wardrobe ahead of the time when you can actually wear it, makes for smart purchases and what I like to call strategic buying.  And once you start shopping this way on a regular basis, it's hard to revert back to the haphazard mall shopping habits you used to do!

Let me take you back to the year 2000. I was a senior level project manager for a Real Estate Development company.........working long hours, in addition to being very active in my children's lives at school and club- level sport teams.  I get tired just thinking about those days!  My work attire was diverse depending on the type of activity: owner and investor meetings required business suits, meetings with inspectors in the field called for pants and closed-toed shoes and days on a construction site called for jeans and conservative top and sweater selections.  I enjoyed the variety and the creative possibilities. But I had zero quality time to shop. And, I never took inventory of what was hanging in my closet. If an event was coming up the next week, I would race to the mall, searching for that perfect dress, hopefully in a color that makes me look less tired than I actually was!  Sometimes I lucked out.......sometimes I found the least offensive alternative! I bought quickly and also rarely had pieces altered to actually fit my body ( a whole other topic we will want to discuss in another post!). I never wear those poor alternative outfits but I cannot bring myself to throw them away, either. Instead, they take up room in my closet to serve as a reminder of what a waste of money I used to spend before I discovered the Worth New York trunk show shopping

If you have never been to a Worth trunk show, this is how it works: a sales associate holds 4 seasonal trunk shows a year. She sets a one-on-one appointment to come and see the line. You pick an hour that fits best for your schedule. She asks you important questions like, what events are in your future, what items in your closet do you love but need pairings and what is your clothing budget. She understands the importance of each of these inquiries and then proceeds to strategically build your wardrobe! Because she hopes to see you 4 times a year, she won't let you walk out with pieces that don't look good on your body or fall out of your planned clothing budget. She keeps a detailed history of what you've bought from her in the past and shows you how to use those pieces in an updated fashion. Over time, she teaches you what necklines to look for......or avoid. She takes this process seriously, so you don't have to. You get to relax and enjoy being pampered and taken care of. Nothing's better than quality customer service!

You strategically plan your career moves......getting your children into the good summer camps and then plan your vacations with care, too. So, why not strategically build your wardrobe with the same smart, laser focused attention?  Well, now you can! Reach out to me at and I will help you locate the best Worth agency sales associate that is convenient to your Home or workplace.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Columbus, Ohio - A Favorite Destination Spot

As many empty nest Moms do......I am plotting my trip to visit one of my grown children.  It's not really a vacation.  Hard to call Columbus, Ohio a big vacation destination spot, but to me, it's the only vacation destination I want to visit.

My husband cannot get away from his growing business and I am busy with work, too.  But I miss Jonathan so much.  And, I'd like to help him move into his new living quarters.  So, the plotting and planning begins.

Flights?  Too expensive.  No frequent flyer miles to you. Darn it.  A couple of weeks eating dirt cheap meals and I am there.  Done.

Time?  Probably a long weekend is all most kids really want to spend with dear old Mom, so I will go midday on a Thursday and return late Sunday evening.  It's a lot of money for such a short visit, but I just have to get over it. Plus, I need to be working hard at my job, too!

The Reveal? I do not know why this is so hard for me, but telling my husband that I am going to go visit my son, is hard!  Spending the money, going away, etc.  I would love it if he would join me, but since that's not an option........I will go by myself! I think I will spill the beans/plans tonight, after dinner and a glass of wine or two!

The plans?  You cares.  We will decorate his place, eat out, he'll show me his favorite sites.  And we will laugh and sing......why is it that I never sing except when I am around JB?  And I will fill up the missing child void.  At least until the holidays...................

Monday, July 2, 2012

Recruiting Assistance Needed!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Freezing on the Hottest Day in NYC

Park Avenue (west) elevation of the Waldorf=As...
Park Avenue (west) elevation of the Waldorf=Astoria Hotel, New York City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ah, a week in New York City, and I am exhausted but exhilarated at the same!  Is there really any other place in America that requires so much energy?  I doubt it. 

This week was the Fall Preview and Fashion Runway Show for Worth New York and W By Worth.  Over 500 beautiful and astute business woman literally take over the Waldorf Astoria!  The lobby has never looked so fabulous.  The rooftop bees could not be heard over the buzz of the Worth women!  A couple of interesting facts I bet you haven't heard on the hotel's website:

a) This is the coldest hotel in America!  Each conference room is colder than the other.  Wear your warmest clothes, even if there is a heat wave outside, like there was this past week!

b) There is absolutely no phone reception in the lobby area.  Consequently, the lobby is filled with angry people texting message away like mad!  Do you think they have done this intentionally? 

c) When making your hotel reservation, be sure to ask for the most uniquely-shaped rooms, because....boy, do they have them.  Ours had this most awesome dressing and make-up area and yet the bathroom itself, was quite small.

The company I work for, Worth New York, went above and beyond, for the Fall Preview 2012! We had the all-company cocktail reception, we had regional dinners, and Leadership Award meetings, and breakfasts and seminars on fit and how to grow your business and some of us even had midnight lobby bar champagne parties.......and the very best part............a full Fashion Runway Show! It was definately WORTHwhile! Thanks to the Worth staff/employees who worked so hard to make sure we had a valuable and enjoyable all are the very best in the apparel industry!

I know you are dying to see the Fall line, so here you go:
Worth New York Fall 2012 Fashion Video

Tomorrow, I will tell you about the hilarious times (crazy Indian cab drivers, being 50+ at 2 am in the Big Apple and the true definition for the "Meatpacking District") I had over the weekend in NYC with my son and daughter-in-law, but like I said, I am exhausted, so this is all you get for now!  

 Time for a nap...................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Full Circle of Life

And so it happened.....Exactly four years after I dropped her off on the granite steps of Dickinson College and began writing posts for this Emtnester blog of what life would be like as an empty nest Mom..........she graduates.  My baby became a college graduate, wearing a smile from ear to ear, surrounded by a wonderful boyfriend, a delightful group of girlfriends and sorority sisters.  Could it have really gone by so fast?  Much has happened since then, as many of you know through my rantings and my tears and my exhaustion and my fears.  And yet, I can remember hugging her goodbye four years ago like it was yesterday.  We waived goodbye as she drove off in her little Honda, packed to the gills, off to her first job as a research fellow in Alabama! 

I am a proud Mom.  My children are all wonderful human beings, despite having spent their formative years with me.  They are funny. They are polite.  They are close without living close to each other. They understand me.  They appreciate the good things about me and giggle together about the silly things about me.  They are a joy to be around.  But alas, they are spread out all over this country. I am glad they are experiencing different cultures, different environments, but that doesn't mean I selfishly want to go hang out and live with each one of them. I think they secretly think I just might do that some year....You know, hang with one, then spend the next week with the other and then the other....then repeat!  But there's no need to worry, I have my place in life.  It is with my husband and my golden retriever in Scottsdale, AZ. And, I have a lovely job with Worth New York and I enjoy the women I am working with in this company.  It is fulfilling and can be great fun.

And I will always have my confidant.  And I have my guide.  So, lest you think I am complaining, I am not.  But I will be the first to admit that there still isn't a day go by that I don't swell up inside...missing my kids!  Not. one. day! 

And life goes on,.......I am getting older.  I may be getting wiser.  There could be stories to tell still.  I hope there are.  I hope they are funny.  I hope if I share them with you, you can laugh or cry or feel something worth feeling.