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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Change of View Changes Everything

No, I am not finished organizing my office, stop bugging me.  It's not like I have all day to play around organizing my office, I have a bigtime job to do.  Oops, never mind.  If it makes you feel better, we did go out and buy wood glue to fix the arm of the side chair, so the project is still moving forward.

But that's not what I am here to talk about anyway.  Remember one of the reasons why I moved my desk in the first place?  To see the gorgeous nature view outside my office window instead of looking at a wall:

Well, now I look out my window and I see things differently.  There is constant movement of light and leaves.  There are birds that do this dance thing with their tails that I presume is a mating ritual but maybe he's just pooping, but it's cool to watch.  And it's pleasant and it stimulates the senses and the mind.  Which brings me to politics. 

It seems that right now more than ever before, everyone is stuck looking at the world in the same way and they need to move their "stuff" around to be able to see things in a different light.  Seriously...................

I am in my little red box and you are comfy in your blue box.  WE are 99% right all the time on how to make this world a better place.  Everyone in the other colored box is nuts!  Everyone in my colored box is far superior.  WE throw crap into each others box and laugh when we have a good hit.  Well, I for one am sick of these childish games.  In fact, children wouldn't partake in such games of foolishness.

Today is as good a day as any to reach out and see the world in a different light.  Try not to be judgmental.  Try to see the good even when the bird or the friend is actually crapping on your patio!  At least poke a hole in your box and look outside at the other box and the world around you.  What's the first thing you'll notice?

That's right, they're all boxes......albeit a slightly different color.  Big deal.  Put the differences in perspective, for goodness sake.  Here's a simple thought that has come to my ever clear mind:

(long, empty nester-like pause, due to a complete lapse in thought due to staring out the window at the fluttering leaves!)

oh yeah, the differences really aren't that important in the grand scheme of things.  All humans in the little red or blue boxes want the same things in life: love and happiness and family and freedom.  Lots of ways to get there, but I am pretty sure we'll "get their faster" if we respect one another.  Peace. out............................

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bruised and Battered Design Woman

Relax, I am alive.  And yes, I was able to put back the computer cords with a little help from Bill.  But the room transformation is not 100% done yet.  I want you to experience the WOW factor when I put up the pictures of my new office design, done on a $0 dollar budget!

My desk happens to be the heaviest, most disgusting desk on the planet.  I decided to move it to the center of the room and take off the top part.  By myself....which turned out not to be a very good idea.  The moulding around the top came tumbling down onto my arm giving me a red and raw slash at the wrist and a huge bruise at the top of the arm.  It really hurt, too.  To most people starring at me yesterday it may have looked like I was trying to kill myself because of all the domestic abuse I was incurring.  People kept shaking their heads at Bill in disgust.  Poor guy.................

I need to get some glue for the broken arm of the side chair but it's 115 degrees outside and I am too lazy to leave the house for the hardware store.  Plus, I have lots of papers to file away still.  But I am really happy with the results.  Looking out the window is great.  Being able to see the little TV on the wall will also be great, once I figure out how to turn it on!  And finally, there will be no excuses why I cannot produce good, quality work in the new office of mine.

If I had a budget, I would sand and stain the desk and the arms of the side chair a darker color to match the bookcase and filing cabinets and to give the backside of the desk an finished look.  I would frame up a few pictures and I would replace the ugly blue office chair.  Maybe some day.  Maybe some day soon.      

Stay tuned for pictures..............
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The 'Beth Performs Design Miracles' Show

In an effort to blow off doing any real work this morning, I am planning to rearrange and organize my home office.  I do believe in the principles of Feng Shui and accept that one of the reasons that I cannot get my professional life in order is due to the fact that there is no order whatsoever in my home office.

Plus, I have watched too many DIY and HGTV shows this week and think I can come in and in about 30 minutes, I can completely change my room and life around. Isn't that the way it works?

The problem?  My desk faces the wall away and I cannot see the huge, beautiful tree out my window.

My desk is one of those old types that has shelves over the desk part.  There are also piles and piles of "important papers" all over the top of my two cute file cabinets I splurged for from Crate and Barrel about three years ago.  You can hardly see the cabinets for the mess. 

Next to the filing cabinets is a metal shelve for weights, most of which neither Bill nor I can lift.  The salesman at the exercise store must have had a huge laugh when he sold me this rack with weights only a serious body builder could lift, several Christmas' ago!

There is an old chair with a broken arm tucked into the corner.   

And finally, I have glass-shelved tall bookcase filled to the brim with miscellaneous mess, ranging from thank you note paper to pencil sharpeners to old eye glass cases I cannot seem to throw away.   The glasses have been lost or broken years ago, mind you.  My favorite items are two large pictures of my husband's high school wrestling team and one of his brother's high school football team! 

And all of these items fit into this crazy-shaped room that is no more than 10' x 8' in size.  I have my work cut out for me.  But just like the TV shows, I start this episode with confidence and hope for a better looking office and a more productive life!  Never mind that half the pieces in the room are impossibly heavy.  NEVER tell a woman when she wants to move furniture that she cannot handle it!  Especially an empty nest woman.  I have moved every piece in a living room before, all by myself!  (You know what I am talking about, don't you ladies?!!)

My show is a little different than those on TV, in that I have $0 dollars to spend, just my perky personality and a will to make things better.

Well, no time for idle chit-chat, I must start the show. Wish me luck.  If you don't hear from me in a few days, a large desk either fell on me and crushed my skull or I could not figure how to set the computer back properly.  Here goes nothing....................

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy 50th Birthday to the Best Sister in the World

Happy Birthday!Image via Wikipedia

My sister's birthday is today and here I sit thousands of miles away wishing her Happy Birthday in the form of a blog post.  Life is funny that way.  Mind you, I am not complaining as we have figured out how to be together a lot more, selling clothing from the Worth Collection.  Still, I miss seeing her adorable smile and the way she crinkles up her nose when she disapproves of something.  I make her do this hysterical expression just for the fun of it; I say, "hey June, should we cook Brussels sprouts tonight?", and her face goes into contortions.....

Of course, she always has the last laugh as she will always be younger than me. She's a lot of things better than me: she's nicer than me, she's thinner than me, she drives a boat better than me, she's more organized than me.....the list goes on and on.  But we mesh perfectly together, the yin and yang of perfect sisterhood!

And we balance each other out well.  We listen and learn from each other.  I think our marriages are stronger because we can call each other up, bitch and moan for hours over the phone until we are sick of the topic.  This saves our perspective husbands from going through this process and makes for a more pleasant life.

We will be celebrating her birthday later this summer when we vacation together and that will be very fun.  My family has something really fun planned but I cannot share it with you as she might read this post...................I'll be sure to take pictures...............

I cannot imagine life without my wonderful sister.  It would be dreary and boring.  She brings joy to my life everyday.  So, I hope she has a delightful day....this 50th Birthday of hers.  I hope she can relax and do something wonderful for her as most of her waking moments are usually spent doing for others.

(The next glass of wine is on me!)  CHEERS!

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Missing the Beauty of the World Cup Already

How will I miss the World Cup tournament?  Let me count the ways:

Enough said.  Feel free to print and place on your bedroom wall.......................


Friday, July 9, 2010

WORTHy Wish Stories Have Moved to Drastic Measures Page

Don't miss my WORTHy Wish post on the Drastic Measures page, starting today!  Go here...

Thank you.  Have fun......................


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Zwinky Beth in the Desert

WORTHy Wish # 2: Isn't It Rich?

This is my fall go-to outfit.  It's "berry nice"!  Actually, they call this brown color 'berry brown' and it's a wonderfully-rich hue.  I plan to wear this instead of the standard suit to the woman's luncheons I attend. I plan to wear it out to nice but casual dinners with my husband and friends.  I plan to wear it for dinner at Parent's Weekend.  I plan to wear the pieces separately, too.  The little leather jacket will look adorable with a white button down shirt and jeans.  The turtleneck with my khakis, the skirt with several shirts I already own. 

The outfit consists of three pieces.  First, you have the 'Brownie Embossed-Croco Micro Jacket made of 100% Leather.  It's perfect for Arizona.  It's lined and has a snug fit.  Sizes 0-16 and costs $ 898.00.  Next, the cute skirt: the 'Berry Brown Pleated Flip Skirt'.  The name is even cute! It's 100% Wool, unlined, fit and has a flare.  Sizes XP-XL and costs $428.  (It also comes in a very dark navy called 'New Navy' which I could really use, too, but I'm not made of money, unfortunately). Finally, the very lightweight, perfect for AZ, 'Berry Brown Skinny Turtleneck'.  It's 90% Cotton/10% Lycra, with a snug fit and running XP-XL.  It costs $98.00.  The total is $1424, about the same as any quality suit I might select from Nordstrom's or  Neiman Marcus or Saks, only with a very creative edge to it.  But, at that price, I have studied it and made sure that I really love it.  I will be wearing it a lot!  I haven't figured out what shoes to wear yet, but there's still plenty of time before I will be wearing any of this outfit.  It's supposed to be 111 degrees today!  Ouch.
Thanks to all of you who ordered yesterday's shirt (although you all chose the Orchid color instead of the teal color!). Email me at to order today's outfit or another piece from the fall Worth Collection!
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

WORTHy Wishes # 1

Today is the first day that we can order from the Fall Worth Collection clothing line.  My sister and I have just returned from the Preview event in NYC and are ready to become better sales associates.  We met some of the best saleswomen and cannot believe how many items they sell in a year!  I am determined to find more people interested in shopping for high-end, quality clothing items and become one of the top sellers in the country.

Because I spend about half my day sitting in a chair focused on a computer screen, I figure most of my sales need to come from my internet shopping friends.  So starting today, I plan to show you my daily WORTHy Wishlist of clothing or accessory items I want to own, tell you the details and the price.  If you like the piece, too, then you can email me or my sister and we will place the order for you.  I don't think anyone else in the company is taking this sales approach, so consider yourselves my guinea pigs in a sales experiment!  I really hopes this works..........Share this post with your friends, too.  Your assistance is very much appreciated!

# 1 is a simple, classic, sleeveless shirt.  I have selected it because I think it'll be useful for all 4 seasons.  And, I love the dark teal color and think everyone looks good when wearing it.  It's 100% silk and it costs $248.  Here's a picture of my first wishlist purchase:

The Worth designers have put in with medium and dark brown skirts and pants for the fall.  I wear khakis a lot and plan to wear this shirt to dress up my everyday pants.  Also, I have a old camel-colored suede jacket that will go nicely with this beautiful top.

My WORTH collection clothes have definitely become my "go to" clothes, by the way.  I'm sure my friends and work associates (and surely, my husband) are getting sick of me wearing all or some of the pieces of this outfit from last spring's collection:

I love it!
Anyway, internet shopping is the most efficient way to fill in your wardrobe.  With Worth, you get the best of both worlds because you work with me or my sister and if you have questions on the material or certain measurements, we get those for you right away. Taking the guessing out of the shopping experience.  Check out all their Fall line here.  Email me at or to June at to order your shirt (or other items) today!

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