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Thursday, July 8, 2010

WORTHy Wish # 2: Isn't It Rich?

This is my fall go-to outfit.  It's "berry nice"!  Actually, they call this brown color 'berry brown' and it's a wonderfully-rich hue.  I plan to wear this instead of the standard suit to the woman's luncheons I attend. I plan to wear it out to nice but casual dinners with my husband and friends.  I plan to wear it for dinner at Parent's Weekend.  I plan to wear the pieces separately, too.  The little leather jacket will look adorable with a white button down shirt and jeans.  The turtleneck with my khakis, the skirt with several shirts I already own. 

The outfit consists of three pieces.  First, you have the 'Brownie Embossed-Croco Micro Jacket made of 100% Leather.  It's perfect for Arizona.  It's lined and has a snug fit.  Sizes 0-16 and costs $ 898.00.  Next, the cute skirt: the 'Berry Brown Pleated Flip Skirt'.  The name is even cute! It's 100% Wool, unlined, fit and has a flare.  Sizes XP-XL and costs $428.  (It also comes in a very dark navy called 'New Navy' which I could really use, too, but I'm not made of money, unfortunately). Finally, the very lightweight, perfect for AZ, 'Berry Brown Skinny Turtleneck'.  It's 90% Cotton/10% Lycra, with a snug fit and running XP-XL.  It costs $98.00.  The total is $1424, about the same as any quality suit I might select from Nordstrom's or  Neiman Marcus or Saks, only with a very creative edge to it.  But, at that price, I have studied it and made sure that I really love it.  I will be wearing it a lot!  I haven't figured out what shoes to wear yet, but there's still plenty of time before I will be wearing any of this outfit.  It's supposed to be 111 degrees today!  Ouch.
Thanks to all of you who ordered yesterday's shirt (although you all chose the Orchid color instead of the teal color!). Email me at to order today's outfit or another piece from the fall Worth Collection!
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Blogger The Mother said...

Okay, it doesn't look like my comment went through, so I'll try again.

The Goth, sitting at my shoulder, is in love with this. He has great taste in clothes. Mostly mine.

July 8, 2010 at 9:31 PM  
Blogger beth said...

Well then, by all means, email me today at and order this outfit for The Goth's sake! And love your give great advise...

July 9, 2010 at 6:42 PM  

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