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Sunday, December 4, 2011

3:33 AM Thoughts By The Christmas Tree

3:33 am, sitting in front of the Christmas tree in the den, wondering just how many of my empty nest friends are also awake, staring at a Christmas tree.............................

Insomnia, that terrible four-letter word. Just imagine what all of us 50+ women could do with a week's worth of sleeping through the night!  It would be downright amazing......

And as much as I love my followers, I will end this post in a New York minute if I feel a "sleepy storm" coming on.  I have my priorities..........

That didn't come out very nice, so I apologize for my middle of the night snarkiness....which isn't a word (my spell check suggests my kinkiness). I can honestly tell you I feel nothing kinky at this moment, so it's Beth-1, spell check 0!

So, why are YOU awake at this ungodly hour?   I hope it's for good happy reasons.  Part of the reason I sit typing by the Christmas tree is due to a lot of new, exciting news for Bill and me.  Pretty soon I can share with you what's going on around here, but suffice it to say, there are some big changes for the better for both of us.  With a little luck, things will be really looking up.  But the moments in our lives just before big changes, can be filled with anticipation....sometimes anxiety....sometimes prayer.  Me? I just wake up in the middle of the night and think.....and think, and think, and think.  Oh, and waste a bunch of time tweeting, reading online stuff, and blogging!

Well, whatever is keeping you awake this evening, I wish I could help you.  I wish I could tell you that everything is going to be just fine.  No need to worry.  Go back to bed; the doctors all say, we will lose more weight and have better general health if we can sleep more often and for longer periods of time. That's easier said then done, isn't it?  I will try to take my own medicine and head back to the bedroom.  I will turn off the glowing lights on the Christmas tree now.  I will try to shut down my mind and all the thoughts still rumbling around up there. 

Nighty night.........................

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