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Monday, October 31, 2011

Guilted Into Writing This Post

It's a busy, blogging day to complete my commitment to the Ultimate Blog Challenge of writing 31 posts in October.  I would start celebrating, but tomorrow, I am right back at it for NaBloPoMo in November!  But I do believe that "practice makes perfect", or in the very least....makes better, so I will continue to write and write.......

Commitment can be a very hard concept for me.  Take dieting.....I want to lose this extra five pounds that have settled in my mid-section.  I am committed to losing in theory.  But, I don't necessarily want to go to the gym today and this Klondike ice cream bar makes for a delicious breakfast treat!  (Except it melts too quickly!)  I AM committed to at least trying to commit to my commitments...

Once I say that I am going to do something if I drop the ball, I start to feel very guilty.  I have this internal fight with my self.....that goes a little like this:

Good Beth: Remember, you have 2 posts to catch up to your UBC commitment.

Bad Beth: I will, don't worry.....I just want to finish reading the paper first.

Good Beth: Two hours have past. Isn't now the perfect time to sit down and write?

Bad Beth: But, it's pretty outside.....I am going to enjoy this perfect weather and trim some branches.

(And this is when Good Beth kicks in and starts layering me with guilt)

Good Beth: Okay, but you'll probably lose your audience.  And you'll be letting down the sponsors.  And once you start to fall behind, it's so much harder to catch up.  You probably more important than this silly little commitment.  And besides you don't really have an "audience", do you?


Bad Beth: All right, I will sit down and write my stupid post, BUT it's NOT going to be good!

(Boo-YA......I told her!)

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Blogger Radtke Customs said...

Love it! So glad that I'm not the only one that talks amongst themself.

October 31, 2011 at 1:39 PM  

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