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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Take 100% of My Money, Please!

Today seems as good a day as any to head up to San Francisco and give this guy and his buddies all 100% of my money.  He says he cannot live with 99%, so it's all or nothing.  

I am pretty sure the "stuff" he'll get with my hard earned money will be awesome, so I shouldn't have to worry about all those days I worked 10-12 hour days going to waste..........

My question is when are all of us hard working stiffs going to get really frustrated and start protesting?  Oh, that's right, we have to support the country and a zillion government programs with our taxes now.  No day off planned for us........

And while I'm up giving this guy 100% of my money, maybe I could stimulate the country by doing a little sightseeing, maybe take in a dinner or two.  Oops, that's right, I won't have any money, because he needs 100%, he can't make it on 99%.  Darn it, I love San Francisco and would enjoy a nice meal..................

Please wake me up, I am having this ridiculous, stupid, idiotic nightmare!  I just want to go back to 2005 and maybe put a group of smart regulations in place......and maybe some strict legislation curbing Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae activities.......and give some guidance to the mortgage and banking businesses.  And then, wake up and continue to live a prosperous life again!
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