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Friday, October 7, 2011

The 'Occupy Movement' is Less Relevant Today

It's Friday!  Everyone's favorite day of the work week, right?  Before the day gets away from me, I shall #FollowFriday (#FF) and #BlogBoost blog! Personally, I think most blog writers are funnier on Fridays.  I have no idea why this is and I fear that the start of this post in not a true indicator of such findings.......

Friends have asked me if I will be blogging at the Occupy Phoenix set to occur sometime next week.  I am not too terribly excited about it, to tell you the truth.  But then again, I wasn't too terribly excited to join one of the first big tea party rallies on tax day 2009, either.  But, I took my golden retriever and a plastic bottle of water and drove down to the State Capital to see what all the fuss was about.
I parked my car and hopped out sporting my cute little preppy outfit consisting of khaki pants a polo shirt, a cardigan sweater and my topsiders.  I never got the message that this was also a crazy costume party!  I have never seen more ridiculous outfits on normal people.....except for this past week....of people protesting along Wall Street and the park close by!  My favorite part.....the camera crews where scattered amongst the crowd getting colorful shots of the crazies in red, white and blue outfits, but when the camera came up to my dog and me, they would shut the cameras off.  Every time!  God forbid they show the public the real story of who was in attendance.  But, it was undeniable, there was an energy and a feeling of camaraderie at these tea party rallies.

I expect the same companionship and connectivity will be felt at the Occupy events as well.  And too, I expect I will stand out like a sore thumb once again, as my tie-dye shirt was lost decades ago, if me and my golden show up.  To tell you the truth, I am not in the mood at all.  My focus and response to the world has been completed altered.....and I owe this new feeling all to Steve Jobs.  Like Steve, I am completely focused on moving my political thoughts, in my personal life and on new business development/marketing projects I am working on with clients. Standing around complaining about corporate profits and sticking it to the man seems so NOT want I feel like doing.  I think even attending these events could bring down my jubilant, entreprenurial spirit.   I think I prefer to occupy my mind on how I can change the I can become more financially successful, how I can be a better partner to my incredible husband.  And I think a lot of people are thinking in my terms right now.  The Occupy movement is not dead, it's just less relevant.  

But hey, it's a free country (thank goodness) and if people want to get together in a park for whatever reason, they are free to do so.  My curiosity may get the best of me and then I promise to blog about it and take lots of pictures, too.  And Wrigley never minds attending these events with me.  (He thinks they have all come just to pet him and give him the attention he adores!)

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