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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Note Taking Is A Girl's Job

Have you ever noticed that all the coolest people on Facebook have a profile picture that's angled or shot from a corner or from above? 

Okay, I am not sure I can write a whole post on the Facebook profile picture idea, but I just thought I would mention it.  Maybe because all my profile pictures are straight on, boring head shots that are perfectly suitable for a third grade yearbook.

But what's a girl to do, ask her husband to jump on the kitchen counter, tilt the camera 45 degrees and ask her to smile?

There, I've had my little moment.

Have things really changed for women in the working world? An overview of comparative salaries and position held will expose that while things are more equal than they were 30 years ago, it's been a long, slow process.  I have always felt there was no glass ceiling I couldn't bust, if I really wanted to, but then again, I am often called "Pollyanna"!  

I think it's the littlest, inconsequential things that happen between men and women at work or in a professional environment, that gets me the most upset. Take today for example: I participate in a small business forum of about 25 men and women (Current membership has 21 men and 4 women).  We meet twice a month over lunch to discuss each others' business strategies and practices.  It's one of the best groups I have ever been associated with over the years.  The case studies are particularly beneficial.  Each week, one member presents his/her own unique challenges of their business and the rest of us make suggestions for improvements.  Basically, you expose yourself and the business with the goal of finding better ways to be financially successful.  While the presenter is talking someone takes notes for further reference.  Please read here......NOTE TAKING IS A GIRL'S JOB.....Yes, each week, one of the group's leaders asks one of the 4 women in the group to take notes! And every week, one of us dutifully agrees. Twice, I have been asked to take the notes.  And both times, I have apologized to the presenter because my handwriting sucks.  I hate the "s" word, but it's just so appropriate here. I should have been a MALE DOCTOR!  So, after today's meeting, I pulled two of the organizers of the group aside and asked, politely I might add, "from now on, can you please ask someone with a penis to take the notes?"   I told them, most of us skipped the 'Note Taking 101' class in college.  He laughed and said, of course.  He's a good guy, I thought........he probably didn't know this was happening.........unconsciously. But then he had to open his mouth and say, but the notes wouldn't be as thorough and good as when the women folk take them.  (He didn't actually use the term 'women folk', but that's what I heard!).  Well, too darn'll give men the opportunity to expand their abilities....their horizons.  We are not going to take it anymore!

Phew!  Another little moment for Beth today.  This too shall pass.    

(And thanks to Nicole Bandes, Laura Stone and Iam Rodney for allowing me to share their awesome pictures up above!

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Blogger Jamie Saloff said...

My mother's advice to me as I was about to marry... do a job once and it will always be yours. (She was right!) Wondering if the gals at the meeting were just as aware of it. Tell the group they are acting like Mad Men [the TV show] and that it's not the 1960s anymore.

October 6, 2011 at 9:09 PM  
Blogger Jo Foster said...

I loved this post! I love that you belong to a group that is so outcomes focussed. I love that you took the group leaders aside to chellenge them.. and I love how you did it!
Great to read on a Friday night... let us know who takes the notes next time!


October 7, 2011 at 2:23 AM  
Anonymous Nicole Bandes said...

Wow, I'm a "cool" kid!

Funny you should post this about note taking. I never really thought about it but both groups I'm a member of that do notes expect the women to do the notes. Interesting.

October 7, 2011 at 9:43 PM  

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