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Monday, October 10, 2011

Surprise Party is a Success: Are You Surpised?

Last time we talked, it was Sunday afternoon, just hours before the surprise party was to get started and Bill was lounging around the house.  I had not baked the cake, made the appetizers nor had I started the famous punch (Andrew Jackson's Inaugural Punch) I make for the neighbors quite often.  I was not really panicked....more defeated.  Bill suggests we head over to the gym to workout.  When I start to say "no thanks", he does this thing he does.....he quickly glances at my bulging tummy and then looks back into my eyes.  I think he learned this move in Catholic school.  And it works every time.  I agree and ask if he'll be going to work for awhile afterwards...thankfully, he says "yes!"

I devise plan C while running on the tread-master......

I race to the store, buy some sliced ham and biscuits and some Dijon mustard: boom! appetizers; I pick up a Cannoli Cake and some 50th birthday candles: boom! birthday cake; and then I pick up all the ingredients for the punch. While waiting in line and read a very nice comment on yesterday's blog but when I go to hit the option "Publish" on my iPhone, I hit "Delete" instead.  Darn it!  I want every comment.  (Thanks Lori....I really appreciate your words!). I race home thinking I just might make it.......

I suggest you never try to rush making punch.  I had freshly-squeezed orange and lemon juice everywhere.  Some dark rum spilled to the floor only to be licked up by my helpful golden retriever (which might explain his terrible behavior at the party....).  And in the end, the whole kitchen was a sticky mess!

With no time left to shower, I quickly place a few curls in my hair with the curling iron, throw on a black outfit and head over with all my goodies.  I place a call to Bill and say, "I think you need to come home and head over to Leslie's quickly.  Leslie has an important announcement and she really wants all of us there.  With emphasis, I say, "I really hope everything is okay at Leslie's house.....".
If our little sign about entering the Old Zone seems blurry, I think you should get your eyes checked.....'cause it is definitely NOT due to my special camera skills! 

The neighbors were arriving with their own set of goodies (and their dogs); it can get pretty crazy with a dozen dogs running around.  But none of us care....we know they love the party as much as the humans do.  

My Bill arrives wearing a sweatshirt from a school I attended in my junior year of college and the school where I met my first husband (Bill #1).  It's just weird and he wears it ALL.THE.TIME! We give him the big 50th Necklace to wear.  He hates it, I know.  I know that expression very well.  But there's nothing he can do about it.....we are out in the public now!

My (drunk?) dog has countered-surfed twice for ham biscuits and delicious ahi tuna appetizers and was eying the cake all night.  He can be quite awful when he knows Mommy is into the punch (I call it 'punch drunk') and not paying attention.......

Everyone had a great time.  I should have taken more pictures, though, because I missed about half of the party attendees and their dogs, too!  Did I mention that I have the best neighbors you can have?!

And, I have the best husband  a girl could have, too. Happy 49th Birthday, Bill (#2)!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

He was suprised...and happy...we could tell. Success for sure and the dogs LOVED all the food. See Beth, I do know how to post a comment! xxxx, Leslie

October 10, 2011 at 2:48 PM  
Anonymous Nicole Bandes said...

I'm not sure how I'd do married to a second man with the same name. It's bad enough that we know too many people that share my husband's ex's name.

Glad to know no one noticed the post workout odor from your lack of showering! ;)

October 10, 2011 at 3:47 PM  

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