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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Day Before You Could Get Sick

Yesterday was the day before I could have been sick today.  That's my excuse why I missed writing the daily blog post with the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  But, don't worry, because I know what to do on the day before I could get sick, I feel great today.....well, at least good enough to write two posts today!

My first husband, named Bill, is a doctor......a very good one at that.  I could have been a doctor, too, for the following all-important reasons:
  1. I have terrible handwriting;
  2. I have a complete wellness program that I devised years ago that has kept me well for 20+ years;
  3. I look good in long, white coats and teal-colored scrubs.
Yesterday, I put my wellness program in full gear, because I had that feeling that something all powerful was coming and that I could get sick. You know that feeling, right?!  Moms everywhere kick into high gear when they see that glossy-eyed look in their children's eyes.....

Being an empty nest parent now, I CAN get sick if I want to.  For so many years, when I was a divorced, single Mom, there was no way that I could even dream of being sick.  There was no time and who would make dinner and do the dishes and give everyone their baths?  So, I was well because I did not have a choice in the matter for many years.

But along came Bill #2 and he whooshed me off my feet and married me, right on the beaches of Kauai, six years ago.  I thought I might be vulnerable to getting sick, but realized that I had been willing away colds and fevers for years, so why stop now?

Of course, my kids think I am crazy.  They see that I am never sick but when they start to feel lousy, they run to their Dad.  Who could blame them.  It's out of my hands.  And they have been less sick than most kids, over the years.

It's funny because my husband is the complete opposite to me of how he keeps colds away. He holes up in the bedroom, dark and cool with no sound at all, except for an occasional baseball game on TV.  I ask him, "Would you like me to make you some homemade chicken noodle soup?" and he mutters, "No, I will be fine in a day or two", and then he just rolls over to suffer in the darkness!
Slice of lemon meringue pieImage via Wikipedia

For me, it's listening to my body in a laser-like manner.  Most important, the foods I choose are very important.  And ice cream and homemade soups have sent many a cold out of my house.  Yesterday, a lemon meringue pie did the trick.  It's something I rarely eat, so it was a treat.  And I drink a ton (literally) of water.  It's all about treating your body to pleasurable the massage Bill gave me.  I was cured in a instant!  Finally, sleep and comfy clothes round out my wellness program.  Sounds simple....and it is!  Like Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan, not all things that are good and actually work have to be complex in nature.
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