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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Guess Who I Admire?

Day Two in the Ultimate Blog Challenge: "Who Do I Admire....and Why?"

After writing yesterday's post whining and complaining about taxes and the politics surrounding taxes, I told myself.....tomorrow I will write and share my funny nature to new readers who may happen upon my little blog.  But when I read what Day 2's topic could be, the first name that popped into my head was the politician, Paul Ryan.  I promise, tomorrow's post will be filled with unsolicited sex, so hot, your computer monitor might melt!

In case your head has been buried in the sand or under the heavy weight of diapers and school homework assignments, Paul Ryan is the breath of fresh air in the House of Representatives/Congress, hailing from the great state of Wisconsin.  At 41 years old, he is head of the House Budget Committee and is a member of a group the media calls 'The Young Guns'.  Somehow over the past few years, he seems to be the one guy who puts down on paper solutions to this nations biggest problems.  First, he wrote 'The Path to Prosperity' giving a clear and orderly way to bring growth to the country.  Very recently, he put out  'The Path to Job Creation' or some fancy name like that......but again, he has put his ideas on paper. And then the attacks begin, from the left and the right.  Now here is what I admire: his comments....

Paul states, (and I am paraphrasing....) "hey guys, these ideas I've written up are here are meant  to be the start of an adult conversation.  If there are parts you dislike, let's discuss them and why don't you tell me what you'd like to put in its place".  The typical response.........waiting.....waiting.......waiting....well, basically the opponents usually just cut it down.  What could have been a smart place to start the language that might work for all, now sits on a shelf somewhere in Washington.

I also admire how Paul (yes, we are on a first name basis now) explains some very difficult topics in a manner that so many people can understand.  That is a talent that so few politicians have.  Sure, some can deliver a very eloquent speech about the common good of the people, but not a speech on how do we pay for all the things we want in life?

I also like that he goes to the crappy old House gym and works out using the PX-360 or PX-90 (or whatever it's called....I am not always on a first name basis with exercise programs!) system to keep in great physical shape.  I guess a whole group of Congressmen do it with him, too. So, he's not just talking the talk, he's walking the walk, so to speak! 

Finally, in yesterday's Wall Street Journal, in the Review section, Paul Ryan writes a review on a book called, 'The Price of Civilization' by Jeffrey Sachs.  It's long and Paul goes into great detail about Mr. Sachs beliefs about government, the pursuit of happiness and even the ultimate downfall of American economic society. And even though Ryan's beliefs couldn't be further than the author's beliefs, he writes a very respectful and interesting review.  No quick jabs, no words trying to demean the author, just thought -provoking comments on the role of government and the various ways a society can govern.  How many politicians would have taken the chance to demonize a fellow economist's views, in a huge article in the WSJ, no less?! But that's the Paul Ryan I have come to know and love and ADMIRE!

He's a keeper! He's someone to admire, no matter what your political convictions are!

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Anonymous Michelle said...

Love the idea of having an "adult" conversation about real ideas. And you're right - that's to be admired no matter what our political views are. Let's write it down and talk it out like grown ups. Surely somewhere there are enough people in this country who can work together without name calling and smoke and mirrors...

October 2, 2011 at 5:54 PM  

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