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Monday, September 26, 2011

Can a Tortoise Win In American Politics?

I have found myself dreaming of a media that allows me to decide who's a front runner in the GOP candidate decision.  A world where a debate is televised with all the candidates rotating to the middle placement positions and NO commentary from the press afterwards.  Just me and my thoughts trying to decide who believes in the kind of fiscal policies that can jump start our dismal economy, who knows how to be civil to everyone's ideas and mostly, who can beat Obama with the largest margin! Because after each televised debate I am thinking, wow, I really like what Huntsman and Cain have to say, and what kind of bee is up Santorum's behind?! But, then media people start talking.  They say, "we" like Perry and Romney and nothing else matters. Well, maybe they will point out the funniest joke line of the night, but who the heck cares?!

I also find myself describing the candidate race as kin to the story behind the race of the tortoise and the hare.  I like this analogy and dream of one of the candidates the media is not focused on slowly but surely ends up winning the prized position.  And everyone rallies behind him/her and the media is furious! I like the slow and steady types.  My husband is a slow and steady type.  In the end, he wins. Hey, he "got" me, didn't he?! Still, not everything about being a tortoise/turtle type is wonderful (as evidenced by this short video)...( which you probably cannot see due to my lack of sleep last night and finding it difficult to even post a U Tube Video properly, this morning!):

The man turtle seems more like a Rick Perry than a Cain or Huntsman, I'd have to say! 

Official photo of United States Ambassador to ...Image via WikipediaThe real reason behind my complaints with the media is that I believe they unfairly influence the public's opinions with their poll findings and their comments on who's the strongest candidate(s).  The majority of voters still sit comfortably in the center of politics (either leaning a little to the left or a little to the right) and this majority doesn't often answer the phone polls on who they like.  They don't respond to Facebook ads or even watch the debates, for that matter.  It's just the way most Americans behave.  So, in reality, the polls and the comments from the media are not an accurate depiction of what the majority of voters believe, so they are irrelevant.

Even my Zemanta link tries to influence my decision making.....example, even though I mention Huntsman's name, there is no link or picture available for me to link to.  Now, Obama, Perry, Romney?  I get a million posts and pictures for them!  Huntsman, Huntsman, Jon Huntsman.......(still nothing!) Okay, finally a picture of him as Governor of Utah and one as the Ambassador for China! But, I think you understand my point and my frustration.

Finally, I have a simple request from some of the heavy hitters who are NOT planning to enter the GOP race: please pick your choice for candidate now, especially if you are routing for one of the tortoises in this race.  Your opinion matters to a lot of us.  Yes, Paul Ryan (link to opinion piece from The Daily Beast) and Chris Christie, I am talking to you two!! You could even kick up the wow factor by stating that if, say, Huntsman or Cain is selected, you would be their Vice Presidential running mate.  Now, wouldn't that be a kick in the pants?   Come on.....I, for one, would love to see how the media commentators handle this bold move!

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