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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Random Thoughts For This Tuesday

StacyMy first random thought is that I miss Keely and her posts.

How is boredom measured? Are there actual levels of boredom that require medication?  And can you be very bored but not at all depressed?

I may be certifiably bored as I am okay with having to sit home today and rest after yesterday's grueling episode at the family dentist's office. I would gladly take some delightful form of medication, except my house is equipped with only a few pills to help joint soreness or for menstrual relief (which is funny, since no one in the house has periods anymore!). And, my glass is always half full; I can think of at least a dozen boring things that I really want to do around the house while attempting to take it easy..  

I think there should be much better programs in the public school system to teach children about how you can brush two times daily, floss nightly, don't drink sugary drinks or eat an abundance of caramel apples in your life, and still, you will probably have expensive dental work done when you are older.  I don't like to point out God's faults too often, but come on.....TEETH?! Teeth that hang on by a thread that awkwardly attach to bone? I think you could have done better....just saying....

Why is it that from the exact moment you begin to work with a professional resume writer, you cannot remember the chronological order of your own work history or when you took off for delivering your second child?  And what was the real reason you left that awesome job as general manager at XYZ Company again?  Everything gets muffled and I am quite sure they are on the other end of the telephone line thinking, "boy, this person's going to have a time finding a decent job!"  Luckily for me, I found a terrific resume writer, Chandlee Bryan, who is guiding me through this process so that I look as good on paper as I do in real life! 

Finally, I remembered why I don't attend HOA meetings.  The agenda at our neighborhood's meeting included a discussion on the severe dangers that one wireless cell pole could produce to our lives......scary, dangerous workmen lingering in our streets, terrible noises and possible medical sicknesses!  When the whole neighborhood has a 'Michele Bachmann Moment', it's time to run straight out of the room before mental retardation occurs!
Enjoy your Random Tuesday!

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Blogger Casey said...

I think HOA meetings and PTA meetings are pretty much the same deal. Mine are both trying to rope me in as I try with everything I've got to stay away.

Sorry about the tooth pain. I've had my share of dental work (enough to be British) and it is no fun.

September 23, 2011 at 10:56 AM  

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