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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The 'Think Food, Eat It' Dilemma

Sometimes you are in the mood to eat your vegetables and drink a gallon of water and other days, you would prefer to climb in to the bowl of cupcake mix and eat the batter........for me it's the days when you cannot decide which type of day you should have that are the most frustrating!

Take today....I could go either way.  I started with a Fiber One bar and two cups of coffee.  It was quick and easy.  I am gulping water as I type.  But I am thinking about a Starbucks Light Frappacino.  "Light" as in 340 calories versus 600 something!  Grilled cheese sandwiches sound good about now, too.  No visions of broccoli or asparagus have popped into my head........

I think I would eat better if I lived in a nursing home where they just brought me healthy, nutritious food, and I just sat in my chair and ate it.  Or, perhaps a better vision might be if I was extremely wealthy and my personal chef prepared a light, delicious meal for me and has brought it out to the patio for consumption.  Either way, I did not have to think about the food, which is the point where I seem to get in trouble!

The logical solution....stop thinking!  Set up a boring routine like, Monday is chicken and broccoli, Tuesday is Grilled Fish and wheat pasta.  I know there's so many wonderful cooking shows and blogs giving advise of great food, but when I read or listen to them, I just get so hungry!  My advise: avoid the topic completely, be boring about food...give food less attention and you will make better choices if the decisions and selections are set in stone.  Hey, you won't even remember what you're missing....after awhile!

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Anonymous Miss Lego said...

He he, what a dilemma, what a dilemma, even if you choose the wrong things to eat, you definitly need some.

September 28, 2011 at 3:07 PM  

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