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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Dead Weight That is My Behind

I feel like I weigh 120 pounds more than I do today.  Every limb of my body is heavy.  Just reaching for the coffee cup takes serious concentration and a big, deep breath.  Putting on my sweat pants was a monumental achievement.  And who attached the dumb weights to my butt this morning?!

Walking Wrigley with his dog friends was exhausting, too.  One leg forward, the other leg forward, reach down to pick up his deposit, lift back up.....deep breath, tie the poop bag shut. The usual three mile power walk felt like the Boston Marathon!

Which makes perfect sense in that yesterday afternoon I decided on a whim to drive down to a med spa and get a "double shot" of Adenosine Momnophoshate/Rodex-B-6, Dexol-B-5/Depo-cobolin-B-12!  You know, the diet shot to help burn fat, increase energy and decrease hunger?! But I am a sucker when it comes to anything that will supposedly help me lose a few extra pounds right now!  So, I guess I will be happy with achieving 2 out of 3 of their stated goals.  The jury is still out..............

I think #youknowUrBoredWhen simply going through the day's tasks seems so daunting and heavy.  But being bored is actually a luxury so few people in this country, I feel embarrassed to call that my problem.  On the other hand, I do not have SO much going on to lay claim to being exhausted from achieving so much, either.  I do have a ton of work sitting at my computer desk....starring at me right now, as we speak, with intensity!  So what's new?  But, in complete honesty, I am a little bored. 

Big to get something done and not be a drain on our society...then maybe a nap is in order.  Wish me luck!

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Blogger Sandra said...

Definitely make sure you get that nap in there. My husband always jokes that I'm like a baby, I haven't outgrown my naps. I even schedule in my day.
Hope you feel more rejuvenated afterwards.

April 22, 2011 at 1:08 AM  

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