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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Random Thoughts About My Hair

On this sunny Tuesday afternoon, Keely of the fun blog, The Un-Mom, has prompted me to spit out my random thoughts, so here goes:

What if I decided to drive down to the very fashionable Scottsdale Fashion Square mall without brushing my hair?  (The left side is standing at a 90% angle from my head and the bangs are slightly curly, so it's a really bad hair day).  Would people think I was a wayward, lost soul...stumbling around the mall in a haze?

Wouldn't it be hilarious if then I walked up to the counter at Barney's New York and asked to purchase a $3500 necklace.  (Certainly not to my husband, Bill)  Would they be weary to show and sell me the piece?

Tonight, some close girlfriends are getting together for a white elephant exchange party.  What if I went to the party with this hairdo, only added a festive 'half-hat' like Kate Middleton wears?  Would they be afraid that this empty nest lifestyle has finally gotten the best of me? 

In my "next life", will I actually have the long, thick mane of hair I always say I will have, when I am messing around?  Wouldn't it be sad if I had another life with pitiful looking hair? 

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