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Monday, November 1, 2010

Wonder What Tonight's News Will Be Focused On?

I dread watching any news channel tonight.  You just know the whole time will be allocated to tomorrow's midterm elections.  Now, since I am a fiscal conservative, you might think I would be excited because many are predicting some wins for fiscally conservative governors and Congress people, but I am not.  Instead, I am focused on the embarrassingly HUGE amount of money spent on these midterm elections.....simply to convince the American public to vote for one politician over another. And the commercials do this with low class, stupid-sounding, word-bite style commercials.  I personally hate them all.  I hate them almost as much as I despise the bandit signs that make a visual mess out of every street corner in America.  I heard one reporter recently stating that without these road campaign signs, 60% of the public wouldn't know who to vote for.  Are you kidding me?  Do they choose candidate # 1 because they like the color royal blue, too?  We cannot be that dumb as a nation, but I keep hearing that we are.

So, if there was a way to hold every candidate to exactly $1 million dollars for telling the public who they really are, what they stand for and ask for their vote, hear are my suggestions of what all the millions and millions of dollars could be spent on:

1) Buying beds for places like the Sojourner Center in Phoenix for women who have suffered domestic violence;
2) To supply books and study guide materials for every underprivileged school in the US;
3) To fill the food banks like St. Vincent de Paul's so that many families can enjoy meals during the holidays;
4) To provide relief to children in Haiti and Honduras;
5) Or maybe, to your local Ballet company.

I also think if they were somehow held to a small amount, they would be very careful what and how they explain who they are.  Like writing a honors thesis or like your public speaking final in the third grade.  

You must feel outraged, too!  I know....there are just so many things to be outraged about these days.  Maybe I'll stick a movie in tonight and try not to think about it!    
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