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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

To Be a Human

With the coal miners being lifted out of the mine one by one this morning, I feel just everyone else in the world.....happy to be alive and apart of this grand old world we live in.  I am celebrating with a bowl of Starbucks Mocha frappachino ice cream.

I had to turn off the television for a little while because the news coverage on CNN was driving me crazy.  If I heard one more time from the giddy newscaster that "this is the kind of news event they were really good at reporting", I was going to be sick to my stomach.  Stop telling us how good you are and just be good at what you do, okay?! And another thing, we will be perfectly alright if in between each rescue you don't fill every second with coverage of one state's political debate.  I think they are salivating for tonight's Delaware debate because they are thinking that Christine's 'going to have a Sarah moment'.....if you know what I mean.  How can we be so wonderful in our thoughts and prayers for 33 miners and so despicable in our thoughts with one political candidate?  I guess that's human nature.

I am also focusing my attention on the 6 or 7 Americans who have died today in Afghanistan...or is it Iraq?  It was mentioned so quickly on the news that I missed it.  But I am sure the Mothers of these children know exactly where the deaths occurred.  Well, I thank these soldiers for fighting for us and giving up their lives for us, even if I cannot hear the gory details.  I pray for their families.  Perhaps a second bowl of ice cream is called for...........

We are bombarded with so much news each day that it's hard to process every important detail. The human mind can only process so much.  I don't know about you, but a feel a little overwhelmed by today's barrage of news today.  I am hoping for a very slow news day tomorrow...
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