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Friday, November 12, 2010

What Car Best Decsribes Who You Are?

1995-1998 Ford Explorer photographed in USA. C...Image via WikipediaMore than most items we use in our lives, the automobile identifies who we are as a person, or at least who we want people to think we are anyway.  As an empty nest Mom, the car no longer functions like it used to.  In years past, the car's sole function was to run the kids to and from all their various activities and I was the driver.

Function mattered first, so I had an SUV like so many parents lugging soccer players and their equipment to games and tournaments.  I choose an economical vehicle to show my thrifty side (yes, I do too have one!), but then added a cool grill and wheels.
A cropped version from via Wikipedia

As soon as my kids drove themselves to practices and to school, I opted for a sports car, a little BMW.  I liked the way it handled but I also liked having the BMW label on the car, too.  Truth be known, in a blind test I'm not sure I could always pick the nicer car by the way it handles, but that was the line I always used.

Then, for awhile, I was driving Bill's new Lexus, which really is a smooth ride and so easy to drive.  Having driven stick shift for so many years, I kind of like sitting back and mindlessly driving in this car.  I used to always say I liked stick shift so much better and I did enjoy using less gas.

About 1.5 years ago, I decided to try not to drive at all.  I was personally going to save the world by walking everywhere, buying my groceries online at, but then it was 110 degrees for almost 45 days in a row and most of my willpower melted away.

I love seeing how people's cars match their personality: my old boss's wife was a very elegant woman and see matched perfectly with the steel blue jaguar she drove.  We have a larger friend who likes to hunt and his big, white pickup truck (covered in mud) fits him to a tee.  Not that we can always afford 'what car would look best on us'!  But if you could pick any car in the world to represent who you want others to see....which make and model would you choose?  My choice?  That's easy............the Fiat 600 Jolly!  And why is this car so LIKE ME? Well:

It's adorable and unique, just like me. 
They don't make them anymore (I am pretty sure they threw away the Beth model years ago, too).
They are not very practical;
They don't run very well.........all attributes just like me!

Look.............feel free to say awwwwhhhhh!!!

Aren't I, I mean, isn't it just the cutest thing you have ever seen? Even my  its name is cute and fun.

There's like 700 of them and a few are for sale.  I saw one recently that was calling me, but at $43,000, I couldn't answer it.

Tell me what car best defines you and which car your friends think best defines you. 

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