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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chase or Bank of America?

So today, I am deciding which bank to rob so that we can help pay for Andy and Kim's wedding.  I am leaning towards B of A because Chase has those delicious peanut butter cookies sitting out just for me and everyone in my branch are super nice, too.  Seriously, weddings are big business and you can spend a fortune if you are not careful.

You may be surprised to hear that so far I am being the quintessential perfect Mother of the Groom.....keeping quiet and planning the rehearsal dinner.  But, I love hearing the details from Kim and her Mom. 

I am thinking about an ASU-theme for the rehearsal dinner.  Wonder why.........

  Which reminds me, is it really going to be 103 degrees on Saturday?  What kind of tailgate party can you do at that temperature?  I vote for heading to one of the cute restaurants along Mill Avenue.  Andy tells me there is a new Irish bar that could be fun.  And before the ASU-NAU game, we discovered a little place off Mill that made delicious nachos.  The tailgate party on the lawn is just going to have to wait until the temperatures are under 100 degrees. That's where I draw the line.  Too bad really, as I had planned to roam the various tailgate groups and take pictures for a 'Tailgate Blog Post'. 

Perfectly planned my afternoon to be driving on construction-ridden Pima Road at precisely the exact ten minutes that it rained today.  You see, I am still keeping up with the promise to my daughter that I would be better at sending little care packages to her during junior year in college.  Half the time, the mailing costs are equivalent to the costs of the contents in the package, but no matter.  Laura loves getting matter what I throw in the box.  Last time, it was a costume for one of the many sorority theme parties she attends.  "Mommy, can you find me red devil horns and maybe a red tail?"  Of course I can....I am always still looking for the worm you know!  The cute guy at the counter of Mailboxes, etc. knows me and has the slip made up before I can get my credit card out. "Is Laura a devil?", he says.  "No, she is a perfect little angel", I say rather too quickly.

Thank goodness for Facebook, because I get to see bits and pieces of Laura's college life because we are "friends".  Not to brag or anything, but here are some pictures she took this past week during an environmental science lab in the woods: 


Wait, who's this new guy in the woods with my daughter?...................

That's probably her "lab partner", right?  See, that is the difficult part about being Facebook friends.......a little knowledge can be dangerous!

It's about time for this empty nest Mom to go take a nap, as I am fallen back into the pattern of waking up at 4 or 4:30 am each morning and now at 5 pm, I am dead.  Night-night!
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