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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finding the Suit that Fits You

Yesterday I broke down and did the dreaded bathing suit shopping event.  Due to some weight loss and the fact that most of my swimsuits are at least 3 years old, none of my suits have enough elastic to hold up while swimming.  So, I head to a store in the Borgota and find out that it's gone...closed!  Apparantely, they had lots of loyal shoppers like me.

So, I head to the very chic Scottsdale Fashion Square that's just down the street and realize I have on no make-up and I have forgotten to brush my hair today.  It's probably better to look your best when entering the horrible dressing room horror chambers.  But I forgot, so I walk into the mall feeling like a just stepped off the bus from the farm, ready for my big day at the City shopping center. 

I have read about the monokinis which sound like half disease-half drink and I have decided this just might be my type of bathing suit.  The cute girl helping me through this tortured affair thinks this Juicy Couture suit will look GREAT on me.  I grab about 45 other suits and reluctantly take the one (shown on the left). 

The next process I know every person reading this goes through.  I call it the 'Goldie Locks routine'.......this one is too small, this one I am falling out of, this one forgot we have know!  The dressing room looks like a tornado hit it and bathing suits are flying.  My helper cheerfully grabs the rejects and each time asks about the monokini, which is somewhere at the bottom of the heap.

Houten badpakken / Wooden bathing suitsNow, every suit I have selected is very different in style and color, but when I look into these trick mirrors, I see this....(insert picture to the right).  How does that happen?

And the weird thing is, I start to think I look cute...

Finally, I try on the monokini and she's right, it's not bad.  And by 'not bad', I mean I could wear this in public and it is purchasable. My helper is smiling with the 'I told you so' smirk and I buy it, the matching cover-up and another suit that looks like crap on me, so its going back.  (The blue one-piecer was my back-up suit if i got home and had second thoughts). Next, I head to Nordstrom's to find a suit for my backyard.  In case you are not aware, it's so hot here in the summer that the less material your suit has, the better.  So, I plan to get a two-piece.  I think it's hysterical, but now that I am over 50, I have started calling bikinis, 2-piece that's more age-suited.  

Anyway, I find this cute navy blue suit and cover that's comfortable and just like this model in the picture, the minute you put it on, you suddenly become all sultry and sexy and you cannot get the 'come-hither' look off your face.  I have no idea why this happens....I am just warning you ahead.

Well, I am done.  I go home and plan out my exercise routine for the next few weeks. It's amazing how deflating swimsuit shopping can be to your psyche.......

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Blogger Christine said...

Can't wait to see ALL of your new swim suits! Remember to soak in white vinegar before wearing to set the color - can you tell me daughter was a swimmer?

June 9, 2010 at 10:03 AM  
Blogger beth said...

I never knew about the white vinegar cleaning trick...thanks, Christine!

June 9, 2010 at 8:09 PM  

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