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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Longing for My Own Summer Internship

It's spring break and my daughter is home for a week of sunshine, friends and trying to figure out where to intern this summer.  Yes, hours of searching the web for a internship near a beach, far, far away from the blazing Arizona heat.  I am thinking for all my hours of hard work today that I should be able to do this internship with her, but I am pretty sure that's not apart of the plan.

I must say this is quite the process and we are late for most of the cool interships being offered to college students. I had no idea.  There are cover letters to be written, resumes to be filled out and statements of interest to be typed.  Some of the positions actually pay a very decent stipend...who knew?  At the end of the day, I couldn't help but think the world surely has gotten more complicated. Why, I remember packing all our worldly possessions after college final exams and heading to the find a cheap home that would accomodate 7 girls and find a job that didn't interupt party-going or sun-worshipping time.  In about 6 hours, we had a miserable/adorable house to rent for the summer and all 7 of us had jobs that would pay the bills and still have a little left over for the upcoming year.  Would we be out of luck in 2010?  Probably.

It would be extremely nice not to be here for the duration of the summer.  Believe me, it's miserable.  Dry and hot except between 5-7 am.  It's pretty tolerable during this 2-hour time period.  I think it might be funny to send out my bio, resume and interest statement, only maybe I'd have to fudge on the age information.  Who wants a 50-something, empty nester person cleaning the area for the sea turtles or other fun jobs being offered! No, I think I'll pull some picture from my college days and stick that in my profile for my summer internship.

Every year, I present the idea of leaving this Hell of a place and visit my sister in MD.  And every year I get the same lame/sane answers from Bill of how it would be difficult to conduct business away from town for so long.  But, I am going to keep trying.  I could use some clever ideas on how to get this accomplished, so give me some comments on what you would do in my shoes.   

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Blogger Christine said...

Maybe you and I should head to Seattle for interships this summer!

March 17, 2010 at 11:45 AM  

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