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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For Some of Us, It's a Wordy Wednesday

I am reminded by one of my favorite blog writers named Casey, that it's Wordless Wednesday. And she has a hysterical picture to share with us (go, but you'd better come back!). Sorry, but I am filled with words and thoughts today, so I must prescribe to a "Wordy Wednesday" instead.

I am happy to hear that Nigeria is finally going to have Mr. Goodluck Jonathan take over as the acting leader of their country today. They say, he's less corrupt then the others and gets along with most people. Personally, I think the real reason they selected him is because everyone knows he'll bring some needed GOOD LUCK to this tormented nation. After all, they did not ask Mr. Honest Mark or Mr. Happygolucky Luke , now did they?!

The United States might learn a thing or two about marketing their candidates from the Nigerians, too. "Vote for Mr. Jones.......he's less corrupt and has never been caught staring in a sex tape or taking a bribe from a bank or private company!" Sounds refreshingly honest to me.

One nice thing about getting older, is you start to see things so much clearer. The clarity can be blinding. It's always so obvious what's the right thing to do and what is very wrong. Not that older people always do the right things in life, we are just acutely aware of the correctness of the action prior to acting one way or another!

I did the right thing twice today....once in a business decision and once in a business transaction. In both decisions, I could have been financially in better shape by "doing the wrong thing", but that should not be the deciding factor in all business decisions. Right? (And, it's only a few minutes after noon!)

If I am able to fly into Baltimore next week, I will be helping my sister in her business, that is as an sales associate for Worth clothes. If you don't know the line, it's beautiful clothes that are made well and you set up a trunk show shop in your home and sell to friends individually. They are expensive but I am finding, worth every penny. I have purchased a few outfits in the past year from my sister. Every time (and I mean, every time) I wear these two outfits I get a million comments on how great the clothes look and how nice I look. It's kind of freaky. You can actually buy the clothes on line, you just have to go through a sales associate, like my sister. I would love to be able to be of more help to her, so if you check out the website and want to order some nice clothes for yourself, email June at Tell her, Beth sent you! If you live in the Annapolis area and want to stop by to see the clothes, call June at 410-703-5680. We'd love to meet you.

Of course, even if we don't sell 100 pieces of clothing during our week, we have a blast. On good nights after some good sales, we celebrate with a good red wine. On evenings when we had several cancellations and low sales, we commensurate with a good bottle of wine. Bottom line, I get to spend a delightful week with my sister. (But the company might not like it if we aren't good little sales people, too!)

I'd like to continue our little wordy chat, but the right thing to do is to get back to my paying job and finish this website project and get it over to my favorite graphic designer this afternoon!

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Blogger Casey said...

Aww, thanks for the linky love.

Isn't it horrible having a decent moral compass? I find myself in situations ALL THE TIME where I could benefit from taking the easy way out but instead do the right thing. Blech.

Have fun and good luck with your sister! Sell sell sell!!!

February 10, 2010 at 9:30 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

Worth for the work clothes and CAbi for the fun clothes! What a great combination! And you look great in both! Have a wonderful trip!

February 13, 2010 at 8:57 AM  

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