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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dickinson College - Quarterback Nominated for National Service Award

When you read and learn about an amazing athlete who goes out of his way to help others with diseases or illnesses it restores your faith in student athletes. I'd like to believe that most are not the spoiled "prima donas" we often read about in the news.

I recently read about one such amazing kid who attends the small liberal arts college, Dickinson College that my daughter attends. Today, I learn that he is up against several other amazing individuals for a National Service Award. The award is given to a leader in college sports who has made a positive and lasting impact on the rare-disease community. The voting runs from now until February 25th. Want to read and hear some awesome life stories this afternoon.....then click on the story below and then vote on the left side of the screen:

Dickinson College - Quarterback Nominated for National Service Award

Mitchell is the only contestant that attends a smaller, liberal arts school, so he needs all the love and support we can muster up for him.

I voted.

I am amazed at how much money he has raised for this important organization.

I am proud for him and his family.

I hope the very best for him and hope he wins this award to.

He deserves it.

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