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Sunday, January 17, 2010

NFL Football and the Empty Nest Mom

It's 3:39 PM and I finally got myself off the couch long enough to come write a post. I find it somewhat ironic that I am sitting alone on my couch, watching NFL football games. Bill is at work for most of the day, Laura is visiting a friend who's in town in-between flights to elsewhere and Wrigley's sleeping in the hallway. It's not as if I am some huge fan of any of the teams playing today. (Cardinals lost yesterday). It's just I have nothing else to do.

Okay, that sounded pitiful, I'll admit. But, I am in "the empty nest Mom waiting mode". I am waiting for Bill to come home and say, "do you want to go workout?" I am waiting for a text for Laura saying, "my friend and I are coming up. Can U make lunch?" I am waiting for my sister to call. I am waiting for the familiar washing machine to beep, so that I can then transfer the damp clothes into the dryer. Instead of the crying game, Moms often play the waiting game. You know, fitting into everyone Else's' schedule. And sometimes, it's relaxing and feels good, but today the waiting seems anxious. As I sit and wait for the 11 minutes of actual football play, I feel lonely and maybe a little bit angry at this predicament I am in. Why don't I just run off and do a hike? Why didn't I run the half-marathon today, like I have so many years in the past? Why.......because I am an empty nest Mom. I wait for the text from my daughter because she is only home for about 5 more days and then I will not see her for months. I wait for Bill to come home so we can spend a few precious moments together to try and keep this marriage from derailing. I wait for my sister's call, because she always makes me feel better and happy. And so on and so forth......

So, I am rooting for the San Diego Chargers. And the waiting continues...........

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Blogger Christine said...

I do love it when you come back! We did go for a hike on Sunday, and it was fabulous. I also treasured my time with my daughter visiting from college - not to see her again for months!
We should get Wrigley and Kira together for a play date!
Hugs to you girlfriend - C

January 20, 2010 at 8:54 AM  
Blogger Casey said...

I think all moms play the waiting game, empty nest or moms with kids or expectant moms. These days I spend my time waiting for nap time, waiting for the kids to get up, trying to kill time until snack or play dates or dinner. It never ends!

January 29, 2010 at 8:19 PM  

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