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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Good Soaking

Jonathan flew back to Ohio two days ago.  Mom and Ed left early this morning to fly back to Florida.  Bill has returned to work and has taken my daughter with him (he gave her a temporary work assignment during her college break).  And yes, Wrigley and me are home alone, watching the skies open and the rain pouring down.  It's a perfect day to end the Holidays!

In Arizona, it's really quite rare to get a whole day of rain, especially a steady flow like we have experienced today....this downpour.  I find it refreshing and quite soulful.  Perfect for killing time around the house...............................

I have spent the last hour looking at striped ties for Andy on the Internet.  I can waste so much time on this machine.  I rarely get bored skipping from site to site. Know of anyplace I should look for striped ties that have navy, pink and green colors?

Have a pleasant night, y'all!
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