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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How Much is Too Much?


How many lemon cookies for breakfast is too much?

How many pieces of clothing is too much to buy for one season?

How far can a television show go?

Excess...isn't that what America is all about....our strong suit?

As an older and somewhat wiser person, I feel I can at least form an opinion on how excess affects us...individually and as a community..  But as an older and wiser person I can also say, who cares what I think...what I think about excess.  I will say, it is all relevant.  Each individual and situation is different. 

Trust and respect each person's thoughts on how much is TOO MUCH, okay?!

All I can say is that I hope today is random thoughts day, whatever...because, that is what you got here!
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Wordless Wednesday and Happy Family Memories

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Mother Digresses Sometimes

Why yes, thanks for asking.  I feel great now that all the Melatonin is finally out of my system and I slept soundly all night.  In fact, I am full of vim and vigor or at least vigor ( as I am not really sure what vim really means).  I took Wrigley for his early morning romp on the golf course with his dog pals so I'm out of the dog house with my dog.  I've done the dishes, folded clothes and finished all the other mundane duties that were left undone for the past 5 days during my Melatonin drug-induced haze.  And I am busy running around taking pictures of my good china.  Why, you ask?

First, as a matter of disclosure, I am NOT really talking about the upcoming wedding.  When my oldest son proposed to his longtime girlfriend this summer, he turned to me, gave me a big hug and then the first words out of his mouth were, "please don't blog about this".  And, I have been a good Mommy and left the topic offline.  Which may or may not be the reason why I have turned into a crazy Mother-of the-Groom worthy of any crappy reality show on TV.  But, in this case, the topic is really just about registries for weddings in general and what's important and what is not.

Crazy MOTG:   So, have you picked your good china pattern yet?

Son:  What's good china?

Crazy MOTG: You know, like my Royal Crown Derby, English bone china, 'Bali' pattern...

Son: The what on what?

Crazy MOTG: What?!  The china I use every time you come for dinner and for Holidays, that's what!

Son: Whatever, Mom.  We won't be needing good china for a long time...maybe never!

Crazy MOTG: (To herself) Where have I gone wrong?  How did I raise a kid who doesn't appreciate the finer things in life?  Why didn't I teach him the important things in life? I have been a terrible Mother!

I decide that it is never too late to start parenting and go on a 40-minute tirade about having everyday china, good china, silver, etc, etc.  I figure I will just keep talking  until they understand.

See how beautiful it is?  I can check off one more items on the Mother bucket list of things you should teach your children!  But the treacherous little beast is hardly listening to my words.

Is life without good china and adorable gravy boats so bad?  I wouldn't know.  I am a dinosaur and happen to love using my gravy boats (yes, I have several!)  I watched this hysterical video from a mother (who is way cooler than me ) talking about good china and gravy boats on her blog called 'Mommy Wants Vodka' and yes, go see it for yourself, but dammit, you better come back to hear how my story ends!  Her blog is so good and is up for 'best humor blog for the world', but don't hate her 'cause she's talented!  Just come back and support the little guy.  It's the American Way...............

Turns out they are getting a full set of good china from the fiance's family (they never use's been stored in a box for years!)  I don't know the name because the bloody beasts are too busy to flip it over and share the maker and the pattern name with the MOTG! I did get a picture from my lovely future daughter-in-law who probably sensed that I wasn't going to drop the subject until I at least got a picture.  God love her........

I think the days of collecting good china, flatware and such are all but over.  Forgive me, but that is just a tiny bit sad to this middle-aged, empty nest Mom.  I have thoroughly enjoyed mine and loved selecting my pattern with my Grandmother.  We got all dressed up and took a special trip to Wanamakers, in downtown Philadelphia and looked at all their patterns before selecting the one we thought fit my personality best.  Then, we went to a lovely lunch in their restaurant.  I will never forget that day and makes me want to cry just thinking about the special relationship I had with Mommom, as we called her.  In fact, I think I just figured why I probably value my good china so much and it has nothing to do with having the 'finer things in life'.   Thanks, Mommom!   
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Soundly Sleeping with Large Dose of Melatonin

Dazed and Confused 1993 Motion Picture SoundtrackImage via WikipediaI decided that perhaps my title of this post should tell my whole story just in case I fell asleep on you, mid-story.  You'll have to forgive me, but for the last four days I have been rather dazed and confused and up until this afternoon, I had no idea why.  You see, my good friend, Leslie, called me to see if I was feeling okay since I have missed our morning walks with the neighborhood dogs for the past four days.  I like to call her Dr. Hosford as she knows more about illnesses and medicines than most doctors I know.  (She also my weather girl, my stylist and several other titles, but never mind).  Anyway, I told her that I have been waking up and feeling groggy and wasn't sure why.

After a barrage of questions, she instructed me to go to the bathroom and find the melatonin bottle.  Still dizzy, I held onto the walls to the bathroom and retrieved the bottle.  I told it said 'Ultra strength....10 mg and there was silence on the phone.  I told her that several days we had run out and my husband had picked up this new bottle.  She informed me that what I have been taking for the past year was 1 MG and that 10 MG is rather a large dose.  Ah ha!  "Bill is trying to kill me", I state dramatically to Leslie.  "No, probably not", she says.  I am not so sure.  (Maybe she's not so strong in the private investigation department). 

Thinking back to this morning, I woke up and headed to the kitchen.  As I started to make the coffee, I got dizzy and overheated and the next thing I know, I had fainted on the kitchen floor.  I am dreaming about swimming in the cold, Pacific Ocean.  It feels refreshing.  But when I wake up, Bill is towering over me asking me why am I wiggling on the floor in my pj's.  I told him I fainted and he seemed genuinely concerned, so maybe he's not some husband trying to get rid of his middle-aged, empty nest wife after all.

Bottom line, if you are taking Melatonin to help you sleep, like I have been for the past two years, we sure and check the label!  1MG is what Dr. Leslie suggests, taken with a tablespoon of orange juice.  Avoid 10MG at all costs.  Unless,of course, you like feeling drugged and about to throw up your lunch at any moment....Be careful, my friends.  Insomnia is no fun, but being dizzy and drugged-up is worse.
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Friday, February 4, 2011

A Linky Thingy, So Beware

Are you over 40 and blog?  So are we, so join the club.  It a Mr. Linky thing, discussed in my previous post......................Go to that post for me, because its slightly more interesting than this feeble attempt at participating in this cool group link thing!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Be Careful When Talking Blogspeak to Outsiders

Lesbian scene from the 18th CenturyImage via WikipediaSometimes in the comfort of my home, surrounded only by my laptop, my lap dog and my own over-sized lap, I forget what it's like in the real world.  I forget the niceties and exchanges one makes 'B-to-B' and even 'B- to-C'.  You see, in the blog world, that could mean 'business to business' but it could just as likely mean a little 'girl on girl action'.   One needs to be careful when stepping from one world to the next to avoid serious embarrassment and think before speaking too quickly.  I know this fact first-hand and will share this little story so that you can avoid falling into the same trap!

I have begun to really focus on making more serious money writing content and blogging for clients in 2011.  I have selected a few choice networking groups to help jump-start my new year's resolutions.  I prefer the smaller groups that include open discussions on a variety of topics that might interest any kind of company.  I think you can learn from the attorney as well as the landscaper and the insurance guy.  But, I also find it amazing how different our business lives' can be.  And, I am pretty sure, most of these people don't have a clue of what, why or how my business works.

Take for example, this week's luncheon meeting.  The open discussion was how to best communicate with your customers: should you email, text  or fax the customers and which method is best.  Several people told stories of what works for them and how they hate getting spam emails from unwanted solicitors.  Next, the moderator suggested I give my two cents to the group.  Being new, I wanted to give a good impressive answer on proper communication in the social media world.  I took my pregnant pause, to make sure everyone was listening to my answer.  I had them right where I wanted them...leaning forwards in their seats, listening anxiously......... I start out okay, but then fell into what could only be described as verbal vomit.  I started on the idea of guest posting on a website where the potential customer might be reading.  Heads are nodding yes.  But then, I told them how I like using 'Mr.Linky' and how everyone should play around with 'Mr. Linky' to see if it works for them.  And then I said, 'Mr.Linky' can get hard and sometimes it gets too long....which of course, some people really like.................and it was at this precise moment that I realized that I wasn't in Kansas anymore!   I had lost the crowd completely.  The insurance guy was shaky his head in disgust. The old plumber's cheeks got flush.  The moderator stood up and decided to cut me off mid-sentence to avoid any more damage to this once orderly meeting. 

It took me a few minutes to figure out what had just happened.  I had moved from one world to the next too quickly and I needed to think more before I spoke.  Mr Linky should have been explained on a spreadsheet or with a visual.  Yes, I thought, next time I will be more careful.  That is, if they haven't revoked my membership!

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Valentine's Day Dilemna

Cashew nuts, roasted and salted.Image via WikipediaI hope you don't mind that I am chomping on my sea salt cashews while I write this post.  It is just that I'm a little depressed that my pants are fitting snugly today with Valentine's Day being so close and all.  I like to blame it on the whole 'empty nest' syndrome leave to go back to school...I get bored and start mindless eating....then I get a bit depressed.  You know what I am talking about, don't you?  Well, jolly good for you if you don't....I am envious.  But as I get older, I stress just a tiny bit more about Feb 14 and being a good Valentine for my husband.

Valentine's Day was never one of my favorite holidays to begin with.  It seems so commercial and set up for guys to have to buy you gifts to show their undying love for you.  I would probably HATE Valentine's Day if I was a guy.  I don't like to be told when to shower gifts to loved ones.  I sometimes like to buy a family member a large gift two weeks before Christmas....just for the fun and surprise of such an act.

The week after the 'big day' is always miserable, too, as everyone is huddled in the break room or cooler, sharing stories of what romantic things their significant other did for them.  (I hope they were all exaggerating, or I have been screwed!)

Only one time in my adult life did I actually do something kind of cool and interesting for my husband.  It was part fun, part sexy, part relaxing and we both enjoyed the experience.  But for whatever reason, I haven't thought about creating some new romantic venture for us.  This thought makes me want to eat the cashews a little faster.....

At our age, the best thing I could is simply fix a delicious meal and have a nice quiet evening, but even as I type those pitiful words onto the paper, it makes me think, that cannot be the end-all romantic evening!  We are not 100 years old yet.  And it really has very little to do with age, it's all about the attitude.  Maybe our attitudes suck, too. 

But wait, you say....there's still plenty of time to do something creative and worthy of this very special relationship.  Look for ideas around the house and get started.  What are you waiting for, you pester.......

I think the answer lies at the bottom of this can of nuts....................

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