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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Mother Digresses Sometimes

Why yes, thanks for asking.  I feel great now that all the Melatonin is finally out of my system and I slept soundly all night.  In fact, I am full of vim and vigor or at least vigor ( as I am not really sure what vim really means).  I took Wrigley for his early morning romp on the golf course with his dog pals so I'm out of the dog house with my dog.  I've done the dishes, folded clothes and finished all the other mundane duties that were left undone for the past 5 days during my Melatonin drug-induced haze.  And I am busy running around taking pictures of my good china.  Why, you ask?

First, as a matter of disclosure, I am NOT really talking about the upcoming wedding.  When my oldest son proposed to his longtime girlfriend this summer, he turned to me, gave me a big hug and then the first words out of his mouth were, "please don't blog about this".  And, I have been a good Mommy and left the topic offline.  Which may or may not be the reason why I have turned into a crazy Mother-of the-Groom worthy of any crappy reality show on TV.  But, in this case, the topic is really just about registries for weddings in general and what's important and what is not.

Crazy MOTG:   So, have you picked your good china pattern yet?

Son:  What's good china?

Crazy MOTG: You know, like my Royal Crown Derby, English bone china, 'Bali' pattern...

Son: The what on what?

Crazy MOTG: What?!  The china I use every time you come for dinner and for Holidays, that's what!

Son: Whatever, Mom.  We won't be needing good china for a long time...maybe never!

Crazy MOTG: (To herself) Where have I gone wrong?  How did I raise a kid who doesn't appreciate the finer things in life?  Why didn't I teach him the important things in life? I have been a terrible Mother!

I decide that it is never too late to start parenting and go on a 40-minute tirade about having everyday china, good china, silver, etc, etc.  I figure I will just keep talking  until they understand.

See how beautiful it is?  I can check off one more items on the Mother bucket list of things you should teach your children!  But the treacherous little beast is hardly listening to my words.

Is life without good china and adorable gravy boats so bad?  I wouldn't know.  I am a dinosaur and happen to love using my gravy boats (yes, I have several!)  I watched this hysterical video from a mother (who is way cooler than me ) talking about good china and gravy boats on her blog called 'Mommy Wants Vodka' and yes, go see it for yourself, but dammit, you better come back to hear how my story ends!  Her blog is so good and is up for 'best humor blog for the world', but don't hate her 'cause she's talented!  Just come back and support the little guy.  It's the American Way...............

Turns out they are getting a full set of good china from the fiance's family (they never use's been stored in a box for years!)  I don't know the name because the bloody beasts are too busy to flip it over and share the maker and the pattern name with the MOTG! I did get a picture from my lovely future daughter-in-law who probably sensed that I wasn't going to drop the subject until I at least got a picture.  God love her........

I think the days of collecting good china, flatware and such are all but over.  Forgive me, but that is just a tiny bit sad to this middle-aged, empty nest Mom.  I have thoroughly enjoyed mine and loved selecting my pattern with my Grandmother.  We got all dressed up and took a special trip to Wanamakers, in downtown Philadelphia and looked at all their patterns before selecting the one we thought fit my personality best.  Then, we went to a lovely lunch in their restaurant.  I will never forget that day and makes me want to cry just thinking about the special relationship I had with Mommom, as we called her.  In fact, I think I just figured why I probably value my good china so much and it has nothing to do with having the 'finer things in life'.   Thanks, Mommom!   
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love my good china but unfortunately only use it about 6 times a year - what a waste. I think I'll start using more often. Thanks.

February 8, 2011 at 4:33 PM  
Blogger Casey said...

Eek, melatonin always has the opposite effect on the kids (Dr's recommended it a couple of times to solve sleep issues).

Congrats, MOTG. I'm sure it's hard not to blog about it! For the record, I don't own any nice china (and specifically told everyone NOT to get me any). I dunno, no need.

February 8, 2011 at 5:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG -- John Wanamakers in Philly! Been there -- grew UP there! Meet me at the Eagle -- Savor the Christmas light show on the hour, that is, if the crowds aren't too huge... It's now a Macy's - but to me it never will be.

I picked out both my china and silver pattern with my mom at John Wanamaker's, too, although "Gam" (hubby's grandmother) gave the china to me, and my parents gave me the silver. My wedding gown also came from John Wanamaker's. After both events we ate in the Tea Room upstairs!

However - I have to agree with today's generation. I realize that - sadly - I never really used it enough to merit the amount it must have cost. I feel guilty - kind of -- but I'm a casual "hamburgers on the grill" kinda gal, and I rarely dined in the formal dining room with the fancy table cloths, cloth napkins, formal china, and silverware.

My son and DIL did not do the formal patterns either.

February 8, 2011 at 5:25 PM  

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