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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Leopard's Spots are Here To Stay

 Why do some trends for woman's clothing come and go before a season's over and others last for years? I think it has to do with how a woman feels when she's wearing the trend that matters.  Take for example, the leopard print.  It's been around forever and once again is one of this year's hottest, most delightful trends.  In today's Wall Street Journal....Off Duty....a whole page spread is devoted to the ongoing love of the leopard print:

The company I work for, Worth New York, has designed some of the best leopard pieces I have seen anywhere in their fall collection. This Leopard Cocoon coat is so soft and comfy, it's any girl's dream coat. Worth also gives us choices to wear a little or a lot of the leopard trend as shown here:

And, don't get me started with all the leopard shoe options out there!  So many wonderful selections to choose from.....

So, why are we so enamored with the leopard print? I think it makes the woman wearing it feel the animal itself; it makes a women feel glamorous; it makes a woman feel a bit on the wild side; in short.............the leopard print instantly gives us a big dose of ATTITUDE!

In the WSJ article, note the expression on Natalie Wood's face.  She's totally relaxed sitting as a leopard might sit in the jungle.  Notice also, her perfect shade of red lipstick.....the perfect compliment for the leopard print.  She looks powerful but wonderfully feminine at the same time.

Jackie Kennedy, shown stepping out in her leopard coat and sensible shoes, looks like she could be attending a statewide function or maybe just a day of antique furniture shopping.  She wears this coat as if it's her everyday driving coat, and I like that.  When clients suggest that they wouldn't wear this coat enough to justify the purchase, I say NONSENSE!  Wear it often...wear it with red pants, wear it over your LBD, wear it over a Lapis blue color, wear it dressy, wear it casual.......but for goodness sakes, wear it often!

However you decide to embrace the leopard trend in today's apparel, be sure to embrace all the wonderful feelings that comes with this trend.  In a nod to Helen Reddy: "You are strong (ROAR), you are invincible, you are Woman"!


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