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Friday, January 30, 2009

Playing Hookey is Different than Playing Hooker

I took off yesterday afternoon with my friends Gretchen, Juli and Robyn to attend the FBR Open. Special thanks goes out to Thomas Jensen and MidFirst Bank for providing us with the tickets! Playing hooky is so much fun, I recommend it everyone. Found this definition on the web since I did not where the term "playing hooky" originated:

by Cannabis its just a plant56 on Jun 7, 2007 at 4:48 am Permalink

No one is quite sure about the origin of the phrase "playing hooky." We consulted the top three online word sleuths and found a number of intriguing explanations.* The Phrase Finder offers a few possible origins, including "to hook it" or "to escape or make off." To "hook something" is also an old slang term for stealing, as in "stealing a day off."* The Word Detective dates the first printed use of the phrase to 1848 and relates it to the 19th-century phrase "hooky-crooky," which means "dishonest or underhanded." The parent of this phrase is "by hook or by crook," meaning "by any means necessary."* Word Origins suggests that the phrase comes from hoekje, the Dutch name for hide and seek. The phrase seems to be waning in popularity with the younger folks these days. Most kids simply refer to skipping school as "cutting." But regardless of what it's called, the time-honored practice of playing hooky seems here to stay.

I agree. The practice of playing hookey will always stay because it's very therapetic and stimulating. Which brings me back to the FRB Open.........

I know that this is the craziest golf tournament on the circuit and some golfers loath playing here because of the noise and the fact that so many people attending don't care one little bit about golf or the golfers! And that's really true. But the truth is, without the golfers, there would not be the excuse to play hooky on a sunny, warm day in Scottsdale, Arizona in the end of January. So, in the end, both parties put up with each other and show the respect to each other most of the time.

I had never attended on a Thursday before. It's nice because the crowds are not as huge. But with the larger crowds come better "people watching". Yesterday, we focused on the cutest attendee wearing red plaid knickers, starched white button-down shirt and red bow tie. He stood out like a sore thumb but actually looked adorable.

Many women sported the high-heeled boot look, I guess in honor of Vice President Joe Biden's wife's inaugural look. I don't think the look worked in either case. Walking the course in spiky heels is just plain dumb. The exception is if you have no intention of walking the course and watching golf, then wear heels all you like. High-heeled wedges are a better choice.

There were a great number of women who choose to "play hooker" while playing hooky at the Open. Low cut, short, clingy dresses could be seen strutting around everywhere you turned. I didn't see any girl-on-girl action, but I left the party fairly early and I had had 4 margaritas to drink, so I could easily have missed something good.

Next, we ate brats and chicken fingers and gigantic french fries while sitting on a hill and soaking up the warm afternoon sun. We watched people stroll by and laughed, while people looked at us and laughed.

Finally, we headed over to the Bird's Nest party after the golf was over. We had a blast watching people react to my newest line, "I'm going to blog about you tomorrow!" Some people hung around and shared all kinds of things I would never write about on this blog. One guy bolted away from us faster than you can say, "guilty". One girl asked if I could hire her to write on my blog because she was just let go of her office position just that morning. But my favorite was this very persistent guy who kept repeating the same question to me: "but, why do you write a blog?" I don't think any of the answers I tried, satisfied him. But, I pretty sure that his questions were one of the reasons I somewhat blacked-out towards the end of the evening.

There is no better place to play hooky than the FBR Open on a nice day. There are three days left, so come on out and enjoy the eye-candy (and maybe a little golf) with your best buddies.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have not had a day or 1/2 a day without a phone or crackberry in a VERY long time. It was refreshing and in deed long over due. Beth, you are hilarious and Gretchen & Robyn are too fun. Thanks to Tom Jensen and Midfirst Bank ("More than you'd expect from a bank") for the 'hook-up'; now there's a word with many a meaning... wonder what it's really supose to mean?

January 30, 2009 at 6:20 PM  
Blogger Lisa Eshelman said...

Boy that sounds like fun. I am not a huge golf fan, but I am sure it is a blast to be with the crowds and people watch, especially with friends. Glad you girls could have a day of fun.

January 31, 2009 at 3:27 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

I attended yesterday with Suzi, and we had a great time people watching also! We also enjoyed the golf, until Bubba hit a 400 yard drive on the 10th, which went up and over the crowd, then we had to move from our lovely spot in the grass, so that he could get back on the green!

January 31, 2009 at 3:49 PM  

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