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Friday, February 16, 2018


A FB friend asked the question, “Wonder why?”, as it relates to the recent uptick in gun violence in the US.....a hard one to answer in a reply comment!

My answer: It’s because we haven’t tackled #The6QuestionsProject! (I love that so many are fed up after this last episode of senseless violence; over the centuries and even decades, we are becoming so much less tolerant of violence...and that gives me hope for the future!)

To tackle #The6QuestionsProject, everyone is going to have work together...put down our shields and our divisive behavior. It’s going to be messy and no one is going to like it all. Look, we are the 2nd largest democracy and in the top 10 wealthiest nations in the world, which complicates and exasperates the project.  But I believe, in the end, we will do the right thing and be happier for it. All 6 questions must be answered throughly and comprehensively, too.

Here goes....#The6QuestionsProject:
1) WHY do the (primarily boys/men, aged 15-40 or so) want to hurt others?

2) HOW do we keep the TOOLS (guns, knives, bombs, chemicals) out of the hands of the people who want to hurt others?

3) WHAT are the best methods (social control technologies)to identify who wants to hurt others?

4) HOW QUICKLY can we put in place the policies, and the community- and faith-based on-going programs, to address questions #2 and #3?

5) WHAT is America’s END GOAL, in terms of humanitarian and economic benefits, for an improved and less violent lifestyle?

6) DO WE CARE ENOUGH, to put aside our differences in policy and beliefs to create a comprehensive program that we have designed together as one great nation?

I hope we are ready....I pray we are ready.....ARE YOU? Then SHARE this project and get involved now!!