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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Why Shopping at Trunk Shows Saves You Time and Money

As the Director of Business Development for Worth New York, I am often asked, "Why would I want to schedule an appointment to shop at a trunk show, when I can just head to a mall down the street and purchase what I need?"

"Well, that's easy!", I say. "Because you like being efficient, and you are not the type of person who enjoys throwing money around".

Buying your wardrobe ahead of the time when you can actually wear it, makes for smart purchases and what I like to call strategic buying.  And once you start shopping this way on a regular basis, it's hard to revert back to the haphazard mall shopping habits you used to do!

Let me take you back to the year 2000. I was a senior level project manager for a Real Estate Development company.........working long hours, in addition to being very active in my children's lives at school and club- level sport teams.  I get tired just thinking about those days!  My work attire was diverse depending on the type of activity: owner and investor meetings required business suits, meetings with inspectors in the field called for pants and closed-toed shoes and days on a construction site called for jeans and conservative top and sweater selections.  I enjoyed the variety and the creative possibilities. But I had zero quality time to shop. And, I never took inventory of what was hanging in my closet. If an event was coming up the next week, I would race to the mall, searching for that perfect dress, hopefully in a color that makes me look less tired than I actually was!  Sometimes I lucked out.......sometimes I found the least offensive alternative! I bought quickly and also rarely had pieces altered to actually fit my body ( a whole other topic we will want to discuss in another post!). I never wear those poor alternative outfits but I cannot bring myself to throw them away, either. Instead, they take up room in my closet to serve as a reminder of what a waste of money I used to spend before I discovered the Worth New York trunk show shopping

If you have never been to a Worth trunk show, this is how it works: a sales associate holds 4 seasonal trunk shows a year. She sets a one-on-one appointment to come and see the line. You pick an hour that fits best for your schedule. She asks you important questions like, what events are in your future, what items in your closet do you love but need pairings and what is your clothing budget. She understands the importance of each of these inquiries and then proceeds to strategically build your wardrobe! Because she hopes to see you 4 times a year, she won't let you walk out with pieces that don't look good on your body or fall out of your planned clothing budget. She keeps a detailed history of what you've bought from her in the past and shows you how to use those pieces in an updated fashion. Over time, she teaches you what necklines to look for......or avoid. She takes this process seriously, so you don't have to. You get to relax and enjoy being pampered and taken care of. Nothing's better than quality customer service!

You strategically plan your career moves......getting your children into the good summer camps and then plan your vacations with care, too. So, why not strategically build your wardrobe with the same smart, laser focused attention?  Well, now you can! Reach out to me at and I will help you locate the best Worth agency sales associate that is convenient to your Home or workplace.