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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Columbus, Ohio - A Favorite Destination Spot

As many empty nest Moms do......I am plotting my trip to visit one of my grown children.  It's not really a vacation.  Hard to call Columbus, Ohio a big vacation destination spot, but to me, it's the only vacation destination I want to visit.

My husband cannot get away from his growing business and I am busy with work, too.  But I miss Jonathan so much.  And, I'd like to help him move into his new living quarters.  So, the plotting and planning begins.

Flights?  Too expensive.  No frequent flyer miles to you. Darn it.  A couple of weeks eating dirt cheap meals and I am there.  Done.

Time?  Probably a long weekend is all most kids really want to spend with dear old Mom, so I will go midday on a Thursday and return late Sunday evening.  It's a lot of money for such a short visit, but I just have to get over it. Plus, I need to be working hard at my job, too!

The Reveal? I do not know why this is so hard for me, but telling my husband that I am going to go visit my son, is hard!  Spending the money, going away, etc.  I would love it if he would join me, but since that's not an option........I will go by myself! I think I will spill the beans/plans tonight, after dinner and a glass of wine or two!

The plans?  You cares.  We will decorate his place, eat out, he'll show me his favorite sites.  And we will laugh and sing......why is it that I never sing except when I am around JB?  And I will fill up the missing child void.  At least until the holidays...................