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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

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Who knew just hard it would be to collect people who are willing to everyday spend about 30 seconds and vote for a cancer foundation that is in the running for this month's Pepsi Refresh Project, in the $50K category?  Everyone who has tried and was successful knows, that's who! 
Well, I just started today, but I've got my running shoes on and ready to go the distance!  But, I am going to need all of your help!  All my blogging buddies do this kind of thing so well, I am in awe.....So here is my plea.....and even though you cannot see me, I am on my knees, hands clasped together, asking you to help:
Will you please help and vote for this cancer foundation here in AZ, in loving memory of their son, Jason?  They are in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge this month and need the most votes to get $$ for this really great cause.  Thank you!
So here's the interesting story behind the family who has started this foundation:

The Crisman's son,Jason, died of cancer and through that process they watched other patients lose their "mojo" once their hair fell out.  They want to be able to provide hair replacements for cancer patients so that they can have a better quality of life.  They are very devoted to this idea and want to give their time for those less fortunate. 

You can power vote, too, if you are a Pepsi's called Power Voting on the website given.  It's not too hard to do.....hey, I could do it, so the rest of you will have no trouble at all!  The codes are either on the bottom of the bottle cap or in the inside of the 12 and 24 pack Pepsi or diet pepsi can holders.  They give 5 votes for each.  Pretty clever on their part, but hey they are giving like $500,000/month for chairities like this and that's pretty wonderful.

I had my first carbonated soft drink in at least a year today.....and it was very tasty.

Do you have 30 seconds each day to vote for the Crisman Foundation, then share it with your friends and Facebook buddies?  I hope so.  It feels good! And thank you very kindly!
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