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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Love Eccentric People

I have no idea why this is so, but I love eccentric people.  They fascinate me.  It probably stems from the fact that there is not a real, eccentric bone in my body.  I don't get how they think, or where they are coming from.  But they are never boring..and always interesting, don't you think?

Take my new favorite person, the little flower girl in William and Kate's wedding (the "other" wedding, as we commonly call it around my household!).  I think she absolutely adorable and when I have time, I want to read all about her and follow her throughout her royal life.  What will she be like as a teenager?  I bet she will be an interesting royal to follow!

I also have a niece who posts the most unique videos, quotes and stories on her Facebook account.  They seem so far out in left field, but rarely do I NOT enjoy them.  She'd make a terrific blogger....

Then, there's a guy who attended my high school and was in my sister's class....he has moved to the Phoenix area....WITHOUT a car!  He's lived in large cities and uses public transportation and thinks he can live the same here, through our 120 degree heat and all.  Well, I say, way to go!  I am so impressed by him and wish I would figure out how to do the same.  (Maybe I will feel differently in about two months....)

As I get older, I have noticed a few quirky behavior traits in me and I hope this trend continues.  And I am sure there will be comments from this post from people who may think I am eccentric, too.  That would be a compliment in my eyes.  Being an empty nester can bring out the eccentric in anyone, that's for sure!

That's it for now...have a quirky day!
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