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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Phone Home, My Little College Girl

I do not want to think about my daughter being off at college and the fact that she is not calling me. Instead, I am spending time with my niece who lives just a few hours from the college. She is trying to teach me to type using some crazy song that her computer teacher taught her at school, but it's not really working tonight.

I cannot find the words to describe how I feel about dropping off Laura at Dickinson College. The school had an amazing system using student volunteers to get all the items from your car to the dorm rooms, which helped a great deal. I did not carry one box up to her adorable little dorm room. Then the President of the school spoke and I remembered the reason why we selected this college in the first place and was inspired by his words and advise he and his staff were giving the parents. Finally, the goodbye reception was nice and the weather could not have been better. Still, we had to say our goodbyes and give one last hug before we hopped in our car and headed back to stay a few days at my sister's home. Of course, I am putting off returning to my empty nest home in Scottsdale for as long as I can.

I think the calls home are going to be sporadic at first so I am preparing myself and hoping that in the future she will enjoy her phone calls home as much as we will enjoy receiving them.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

I love Friday afternoons, the World Wide Web and Naked Rugby Players

It started out innocently enough. On this morning’s dog walk, I was telling my friend Leslie that Tucker, one of her golden retrievers, has a tennis player’s body because he’s sleek, trim and very fast. We decided that Wrigley definitely has the body (and maybe the mentality) of a rugby player. He’s rugged, strong and very handsome in a robust sort of way.

So, I began to write a blog post about how dogs’ bodies resemble different sports player’s bodies. I wanted to attach a picture of a handsome rugby player to help me define Wrigley’s look, so I head to the World Wide Web and search for my perfect example. Well, it must be my lucky day, because I scroll down and decide to click on an article from the New York Daily News and low and behold, I have 5 delicious pictures of the All Blacks Rugby team, naked on a beach somewhere in New Zealand on my computer screen!
See for yourself.

As I click on each picture repeatedly, I cannot help but think of how Wrigley and Tucker mess around and “rough and tumble” with each other just like these teammates are doing.

I finish my blog post, turn off the computer and give Wrigley a new dog bone. I cannot take the smile off my face. The World Wide Web has served me well. It’s the perfect way to end my Friday afternoon.