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Friday, February 16, 2018


A FB friend asked the question, “Wonder why?”, as it relates to the recent uptick in gun violence in the US.....a hard one to answer in a reply comment!

My answer: It’s because we haven’t tackled #The6QuestionsProject! (I love that so many are fed up after this last episode of senseless violence; over the centuries and even decades, we are becoming so much less tolerant of violence...and that gives me hope for the future!)

To tackle #The6QuestionsProject, everyone is going to have work together...put down our shields and our divisive behavior. It’s going to be messy and no one is going to like it all. Look, we are the 2nd largest democracy and in the top 10 wealthiest nations in the world, which complicates and exasperates the project.  But I believe, in the end, we will do the right thing and be happier for it. All 6 questions must be answered throughly and comprehensively, too.

Here goes....#The6QuestionsProject:
1) WHY do the (primarily boys/men, aged 15-40 or so) want to hurt others?

2) HOW do we keep the TOOLS (guns, knives, bombs, chemicals) out of the hands of the people who want to hurt others?

3) WHAT are the best methods (social control technologies)to identify who wants to hurt others?

4) HOW QUICKLY can we put in place the policies, and the community- and faith-based on-going programs, to address questions #2 and #3?

5) WHAT is America’s END GOAL, in terms of humanitarian and economic benefits, for an improved and less violent lifestyle?

6) DO WE CARE ENOUGH, to put aside our differences in policy and beliefs to create a comprehensive program that we have designed together as one great nation?

I hope we are ready....I pray we are ready.....ARE YOU? Then SHARE this project and get involved now!!

Monday, October 16, 2017

In a Perfect World........# 1

Could the thoughts of a 60-year old woman actually help out the troubled areas in today’s society?  Maybe. Why not?  With age, comes wisdom. And sometimes a clarity that seems blocked to so many others.  So, here goes with the first topic that kept me up last night.  I don’t pretend to know all the facts to each complex issue, nor will I have the perfect answers.  The approach is to pose a “what if” scenario and allow each person to stop and think about the “what if”.  I hope no one has the perfect answer right away, (probably the same thought they had before they read this or any other post), and feel compelled to share their perfect answer in the comment section.  Or to cut down others who share their opinions.  We don’t need any more rants and finger-pointing and curse words shoved in our faces, do we?!

Problem # 1:

NFL players are taking a knee during the National Anthem to protest a topic that is near and dear to their hearts: Police brutality, especially to the African-Americans/black members of society.  But, standing with your hand over your heart during the National Anthem, whether at a football game or anywhere else it its played, symbolizes the freedom our brave soldiers have fought and died for us to have. It is considered disrespectful to them and to our country, if you don’t stand in silence and quietly remember and think about this freedom we enjoy.

So, there is a disconnect with the two issues and really all we need is smart people to stand up and address both issues...equally, with respect for both topics.  “What if” the President of the US (and all others that are in front of a camera, for that matter), held a press conference and stated that he hears both topics loud and clear and will do what it takes to understand and try to correct any wrong-doings.  Because, it doesn’t matter whether you personally believe there is a problem with the policing the black community or not.....or if our freedom is something we should respect and value or not......the fact that the emotions are so strong with both issues, it is worth addressing in a large and important a nation of civility and respect.

Thank you for reading this post.  Stay tuned for the next topic. A 60-year old woman wakes up in the middle of the night a lot, worrying about this wonderful/special nation of ours!  We are smarter and stronger when we work together. Together, let’s create a world we are proud to introduce to our grandchildren!

Friday, August 11, 2017

My Grand Plan of Life

I am experiencing that old familiar feeling again.......I know you know this feeling, too.  A major life change has occurred where you are trying to adjust and understand how its all going to work out.  The swirl of emotions are churning like the peaches, milk and cream in an ice cream maker.  You know you are in control of your own destiny, but with so many directions available to you, it can be a bit overwhelming. So, what's a gal to do? My first inclination is to sit and do nothing. To think and to study the situation and eat whatever is in front of me.

I started this blog on the day after I dropped my last child off at college.  I wanted to write down all the thoughts and feelings I had in this major life change from active Mother with kids at home, to an empty nester parent.  The posts were all over the board....some sad, some depressing and others funny.  I think my Mom called it "my verbal vomit", but nonetheless, the writing was very therapeutic!

I am not going to lie, it was a turbulent period in my life.  Of course, I was so happy the kids were off at school, and starting their first real jobs.  But, my daily routine was thrown out the window and there needed to be some real changes to fill in the voids of time and experiences.  Did I create the life I wanted to live, or did I simply let whatever came my way to become important to me?  To be honest, I think the latter was the case.  I tend to do the best I can with whatever comes my way, instead of strategically planning and implementing my grand plan.  In my case, my sister had started working as an independent stylist for Worth New York. She asked if I would fly out four times a year and help her with her seasonal trunk shows.  There is not another person in the world I would rather spend time with than my sister, so it was a no-brainer.  I fly out and we had a ball, selling this beautiful line of clothes to her small group of clients.

Through the suggestion of others, I was asked if I wanted to apply to be the Director of Business Development for Worth New York, in my home state of Arizona.  It was never a career plan to do business development or work in the apparel industry, but I loved the line and loved working with women, so for the next two years, I worked hard and grew our state of stylists who did extremely well.  I was surrounded by happy, successful business women and that was rewarding to me.

Always wanting to move up and to make a difference, for the next three years, I became the Regional  Director (RD) for a blare western state area, then became the RD for the ten states of the west, then became the RD of sales for the same area.  Lots of managerial changes, that I let wash over me, as I tried to do my best work for the company.

During this whole time at Worth, my husband's career had been flipped upside down by the financial crisis and the housing bubble.  He was working seven days a week, trying to stay afloat and keep his company alive and well.  At one point, he thought to apply for a different line of work, but it wasn't in the cards.  The people he was speaking to, all said they wanted him to stay in his line of work, as circumstances have changed.

Together, we felt the time was right to move to the East Coast.  After an exhausting 400+ days, we sold our house and drove to New Hampshire to stay in a family member's extra home.  The offer fell into our laps, so we took it.  (I see a pattern here.........).  It's been exactly a year ago that we made the 6 day trek across this wonderful nation.  We spent 4 months experiencing the fall and winter seasons, then moved to another family home in Cape Cod.  During this time, I was still working for Worth as the RD of Sales for the west.  It was so difficult to do the job well, due to the time zone differences and the extensive travel.  I released myself of the job I loved because I knew in my heart I could not do the best job in this new location.  Afterwards, we tried a two-month period of regional recruiting, too. But, it was time to plan my son's wedding and to move to our final destination, and again I could not do the best job possible under these circumstances.

Why did we move to Annapolis?  I must answer this question about twenty times a day....and I still don't have a convincing asnswer to share. Brooklyn Heights was too expensive and would stress Bill out?  Maybe.  I was afraid of living in a dump where Wrigley could live "stair-free"? Maybe. Because the Baltimore airport could easily allow Bill to
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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Leopard's Spots are Here To Stay

 Why do some trends for woman's clothing come and go before a season's over and others last for years? I think it has to do with how a woman feels when she's wearing the trend that matters.  Take for example, the leopard print.  It's been around forever and once again is one of this year's hottest, most delightful trends.  In today's Wall Street Journal....Off Duty....a whole page spread is devoted to the ongoing love of the leopard print:

The company I work for, Worth New York, has designed some of the best leopard pieces I have seen anywhere in their fall collection. This Leopard Cocoon coat is so soft and comfy, it's any girl's dream coat. Worth also gives us choices to wear a little or a lot of the leopard trend as shown here:

And, don't get me started with all the leopard shoe options out there!  So many wonderful selections to choose from.....

So, why are we so enamored with the leopard print? I think it makes the woman wearing it feel the animal itself; it makes a women feel glamorous; it makes a woman feel a bit on the wild side; in short.............the leopard print instantly gives us a big dose of ATTITUDE!

In the WSJ article, note the expression on Natalie Wood's face.  She's totally relaxed sitting as a leopard might sit in the jungle.  Notice also, her perfect shade of red lipstick.....the perfect compliment for the leopard print.  She looks powerful but wonderfully feminine at the same time.

Jackie Kennedy, shown stepping out in her leopard coat and sensible shoes, looks like she could be attending a statewide function or maybe just a day of antique furniture shopping.  She wears this coat as if it's her everyday driving coat, and I like that.  When clients suggest that they wouldn't wear this coat enough to justify the purchase, I say NONSENSE!  Wear it often...wear it with red pants, wear it over your LBD, wear it over a Lapis blue color, wear it dressy, wear it casual.......but for goodness sakes, wear it often!

However you decide to embrace the leopard trend in today's apparel, be sure to embrace all the wonderful feelings that comes with this trend.  In a nod to Helen Reddy: "You are strong (ROAR), you are invincible, you are Woman"!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Why Shopping at Trunk Shows Saves You Time and Money

As the Director of Business Development for Worth New York, I am often asked, "Why would I want to schedule an appointment to shop at a trunk show, when I can just head to a mall down the street and purchase what I need?"

"Well, that's easy!", I say. "Because you like being efficient, and you are not the type of person who enjoys throwing money around".

Buying your wardrobe ahead of the time when you can actually wear it, makes for smart purchases and what I like to call strategic buying.  And once you start shopping this way on a regular basis, it's hard to revert back to the haphazard mall shopping habits you used to do!

Let me take you back to the year 2000. I was a senior level project manager for a Real Estate Development company.........working long hours, in addition to being very active in my children's lives at school and club- level sport teams.  I get tired just thinking about those days!  My work attire was diverse depending on the type of activity: owner and investor meetings required business suits, meetings with inspectors in the field called for pants and closed-toed shoes and days on a construction site called for jeans and conservative top and sweater selections.  I enjoyed the variety and the creative possibilities. But I had zero quality time to shop. And, I never took inventory of what was hanging in my closet. If an event was coming up the next week, I would race to the mall, searching for that perfect dress, hopefully in a color that makes me look less tired than I actually was!  Sometimes I lucked out.......sometimes I found the least offensive alternative! I bought quickly and also rarely had pieces altered to actually fit my body ( a whole other topic we will want to discuss in another post!). I never wear those poor alternative outfits but I cannot bring myself to throw them away, either. Instead, they take up room in my closet to serve as a reminder of what a waste of money I used to spend before I discovered the Worth New York trunk show shopping

If you have never been to a Worth trunk show, this is how it works: a sales associate holds 4 seasonal trunk shows a year. She sets a one-on-one appointment to come and see the line. You pick an hour that fits best for your schedule. She asks you important questions like, what events are in your future, what items in your closet do you love but need pairings and what is your clothing budget. She understands the importance of each of these inquiries and then proceeds to strategically build your wardrobe! Because she hopes to see you 4 times a year, she won't let you walk out with pieces that don't look good on your body or fall out of your planned clothing budget. She keeps a detailed history of what you've bought from her in the past and shows you how to use those pieces in an updated fashion. Over time, she teaches you what necklines to look for......or avoid. She takes this process seriously, so you don't have to. You get to relax and enjoy being pampered and taken care of. Nothing's better than quality customer service!

You strategically plan your career moves......getting your children into the good summer camps and then plan your vacations with care, too. So, why not strategically build your wardrobe with the same smart, laser focused attention?  Well, now you can! Reach out to me at and I will help you locate the best Worth agency sales associate that is convenient to your Home or workplace.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Columbus, Ohio - A Favorite Destination Spot

As many empty nest Moms do......I am plotting my trip to visit one of my grown children.  It's not really a vacation.  Hard to call Columbus, Ohio a big vacation destination spot, but to me, it's the only vacation destination I want to visit.

My husband cannot get away from his growing business and I am busy with work, too.  But I miss Jonathan so much.  And, I'd like to help him move into his new living quarters.  So, the plotting and planning begins.

Flights?  Too expensive.  No frequent flyer miles to you. Darn it.  A couple of weeks eating dirt cheap meals and I am there.  Done.

Time?  Probably a long weekend is all most kids really want to spend with dear old Mom, so I will go midday on a Thursday and return late Sunday evening.  It's a lot of money for such a short visit, but I just have to get over it. Plus, I need to be working hard at my job, too!

The Reveal? I do not know why this is so hard for me, but telling my husband that I am going to go visit my son, is hard!  Spending the money, going away, etc.  I would love it if he would join me, but since that's not an option........I will go by myself! I think I will spill the beans/plans tonight, after dinner and a glass of wine or two!

The plans?  You cares.  We will decorate his place, eat out, he'll show me his favorite sites.  And we will laugh and sing......why is it that I never sing except when I am around JB?  And I will fill up the missing child void.  At least until the holidays...................